The famous “great demise” continues to affect companies that are in the throes of retiring policies. Do companies have a good balance between technological investments and a good experience of work for their employees?

In a labor market, this is a permanent question for employees and employers. According to the IDC’s analysis, 32% of European employers envisage current accountants, which indicates that the phenomenon of “great demise” that debuted in 2021 is the end of the year.

Microsoft, according to the “Work Index Trend” in 2022, is 43% of employees who feel in extreme conditions, and this means that they can be replaced by work in 2022 en 2021. De même, 52% of professional apprentices to the generation Z ou Y pourraient changer d’emploi cette année, soit une hausse de 3% par rapport à 2021.

To search for a good work experience

For the most introverted people, the principal reason to quitter a comment is the search for a plus-elephant. However, this second reason is an unsatisfactory experience, the IDC is not surveyed on the occasion of the work of European employers.

According to IDC, there is a “clear record” between what the employees and employees define as a good experience of work.

Coté des entreprises, Les conductors apprécient les Investissements і Les Technology Collaboratives Comme Zoom, Microsoft Teams ili Slack, qui Facilitent le travail Hybrid. Parallelement, les employés s’inquiètent du déclin de la culture d’entreprise, selon IDC.

Informatics experts, by way of example, have designed the level of collaboration technology as a principle of preoccupation, and the fact that the rest of the staff has made it easy to work and is responsible for the lack of connection.

Managers emphasize the technology

Outside the borders, IDC found that about 30% of employers who work in a hybrid form are not satisfied with the technological tools they have in place for their customers.

“L’accent mis sur la technologie comme solution unique ameliorer l’experience des employés est problématique, car les employés à distance sont principalement confrontés à une disparity d’experiences culturallles”, said Mike Escherich, Director of WorkEurope through IDC.

“The demand for flexible working models is based on the command and control of the administration and control of the bureau and the profit of a culture of rehabilitation of employees. »

Microsoft notes in his report that the last two years, in the course of which he was experimenting with television, he said that he employs people who are productive and have a lot of money to work on. Cela signifies that the companies are not able to ignore the flexibility and well-being.

The Bureau is a daily newspaper

Certain companies are at the forefront of the trainees’ experience. The PDG d’Airbnb, Brian Cesky, has recently announced that staff members will be able to import or be able to reduce the number of sales to localization in the country. The affirme que le bureau tel qu’on le connaissait jusqu’à présent est révolu et que les politicés d’entreprise demandant au staff d’être prèsent au bureau trois jours par semaine seront progressivement réur jour jourites semaine à un.

More business names have been ignored this new reality. I recommend a survey of 10,000 intellectuals from the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. She has decided that there are three employees who have returned to the office five days a week. In a manner very surprising, the revival question that the levels of stress and anxiety are in the works are the most important things that Slack has to say about being employed in the 20s.

Slack constate que le fardeau du travail présentiel cinq jours par semaine tombe plus durement sur les employés non cadres que sur les cadres. Travailleurs qui ont peu ou pas pas obilizés de fixer leurs propres horaires de travail sont 2,6 fois plus susceptibles de chercher un emploi ailleurs, selon l’enquête.


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