When a novel is adapted into a movie or series, the casting selections in the casting do not correspond to the perfections of the description of the person in the books. If you know what our accountants say, we invite you to a coup d’être of 7 people Game of Thrones recreating the artificial intelligence of the passages describing the books of George RR Martin. After that, you are ready to discover 17 new characters, this time Jesus saga Twilight, reproduces par nos confrères de BuzzFeed, grace to the site ArtBreederin a function of their descriptions in the romances of Stephenie Meyers.

№ 1 Bella Swan

№ 2 Edward Cullen

№ 3 Jacob Black

№ 4 Renesmee Cullen

№ 5 Alice Cullen

№ 6 Carlisle Cullen

№ 7 Charlie Swan

№ 8 Esme Cullen

№ 9 Rosalie Hale

№ 10 Emmett Cullen

№ 11 Jasper Hale

№ 12 Bella Swan (Vampire)

№ 13 Aro

№ 14 Jane

№ 15 Jessica Stanley

№ 16 Leah Clearwater

Рэ 17 Renesmee Cullen (adult)

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