L ‘to announce some more than all of them fermentation of services in line with 3DS and Wii У to make a small shock at them Nintendo fans. Un point tel que, without precision supplementing the part of the Japanese constructor, the fans are invited to prepare the puree careant l’avenir de la console, qui ne s’annonce pas si rose que cela.

Pokemon : la fermeture Impacte les jeux

The end of life for the latest Nintendo portable console, the 3DS is small to small. Celle-ci a vu le jour en 2014, et en juin 2019, Nintendo announced the end of the production of the console, as well as the end of the distribution of 3DS cartridges on portable platforms, obligeant the players who decided to have a tour of other models, like the 2DS or the 2DS XL, and to buy the most unique and demetrialized games via the Nintendo 3DS Shop. But it’s not all, you can make it worse in February, Nintendo unveils parent video protection associations and announces 3DS and Wii store U allait lui aussi être fermé in 2023, rendant impossible le fait d’acheter des jeux sur ces plateformes. We have a conversation in an article plus a detail here.

Jusqu’à now, Nintendo does not have an alternative proposal to make these games, et n’a pas non plus été clair sur la feêtre de temps où l’on pourra accéder aux pages des jeux déjà achetés une fois le store fermé, même si l’entreprise se veut rassurante. Et the community Impactée par cela est celle qui apprécie les jeux-video Pokemon, can be found in the 7th generation, they are all distributed on the portable consoles. If you don’t have problems with store fermentation, Pokémon 3DS players are invited to watch their games fastwhich are physically or democratically acquired from the import, small the misses in the days are available free of charge at the shop. See what Nintendo has to say:

It will be the end of March 2023, and in an unprecedented avenue, it will be possible to retrieve games and DLC, to support the missions in the logbook and to play online on Wii U and the family of Ninte consoles.

See the games and logic Pokemon Concerts for Mass at the Fair:

  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Pokemon Bank
  • Poké Transporter
  • Pokemon Academy of Arts
  • Sapphire Alpha and Rubis Omega
  • Pokemon Soleil and Lune
  • Pokemon Méga Donjon Mystère
  • Pokémon Ultra Soleil and Ultra Lune


Paradoxically, the announcement of the closure of the Nintendo 3DS store has a positive effect on the sale of Pokémon products. The old games in the demarcated one are very strong for the entertainment of the fans’ party, which saved the lives of those titled on their consoles before they can say too much. on Mars, Pokemon Crystal this is the 5 best sales on the Nintendo Shop, all prices for the versions Or the Argent. Three games initially started on Game Boy and are still popular with the fans. Actually, these games are not available on the 3DS store, and it is obvious that it is a remake of its anticipation of the event, Nintendo did not present an alternative.

Enfin, the players who may be Pokémon on the Pokémon Bank are invited to transfer to the Pokémon Home, as well as make a trance between the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. If you want, Nintendo has announced Pokemon Banque, for which you need to get a free Sera Gratuite package that you can use in the 3DS store in order to earn it. And you can find other versions of the game, there is a graphic that explicitly commented that it is possible to recover all Pokémon from the Pokémon Home. At the same time, you have to open the University of the Game, but you will have to open more information than the one that supports the console that requires access to the Switch.

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