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On May 20, 1972, Cameroon decided to hold a referendum on the birth of the Republic of Cameroon. 50 years plus the price, this date is well different from the English-speaking country in conflict with the central power of 5 years. The affirmations that are on the deathbed of more than 3,000 people.

After the pandemic, the war consequences in Ukraine are less than the world economy. Le Gabon, which imports at 60% of its non-targeted premium prices. Les prix s’envolent et pour y remédier, UNE ONG offers de former de jeunes entrepreneurs agricoles. The objective is to withdraw the withdrawal period from the main agricultural abandonment of the State to the profit of the mining sector and oil.

A Abidjan, clap de la fin pour La COP15. Pendant dix jours, les reprezantsants de 195 pays membres de cette konvention ont debatttu pour se mettre d’accord sur des engaments communs afin de lutter kontre la desertification et la degradation des sols jusqu’en 2030.

He is also a singular comedian, a unifier of musical and artistic genres. It is made with the Macase group, the beautiful hours of Bantou Groove, a lively mix of jazz and soul with African rhythms. After some years, the suit is staffed and explores other chemins. The present, above all, is a white card at the Quai Branly Museum – Jacques Chirac or the present of the merveilles of his country, Cameroon.

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