10:32: Zemmur accuses the media of “fitness” against Le Pen

The candidate for Reconquête will accuse the media of having a good idea of ​​”welcome” and “meeting” with rivals Marine Le Pen on the sidelines of his dismissal to Rungis. Mercredi, à Furas, Emanuel Macron estimates quant à lui que les médias avaient contributed to «banalize» the ideas of the candidacy of the National Assembly. Pourtant, à écouter, Jean Lassalle and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the media are all about making the candidate candidate.

10:03: 80% of Français pensent que la campagne est de mauvaise qualité, selon un prondage

After a study of Ifop for Sud Radio, 47% of French people say that the presidential campaign aborts the interests of those interested. They are only 39% to consider what they have to say to the candidate. Surrounded by a Frenchman (20%), he is in the “quality” campaign.

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9h21: “For my chores are very clear: barrage to the extreme right”, turkey Hidalgo

At the Micro de LCI, Anne Hidalgo is clearly without ambiguity in the position and style of the new new tour at Marine Le Pen and Emanuel Macron. “In 2017, a voter was elected against Marine Le Pen and Emanuel Macron. For my choses are very clear: barrage in the National Assembly, to the extreme right of a general government, this is a republican principle. »

9:04: “On a voice for the extreme right” more “surreptitiously” of the appeal to vote Macron, by Adrien Quatennens

The State of La France insisted on the rehearsal, in the Public Senate, the position of the party in the second tour of the Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. “Surement pas” of the appeal to vote for the candidate-candidate, recorded by Adrien Quatennens. “We will take a position, we will be able to go to the extreme of the right ‘right, this is to take a position”, assure the words of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a spokesman for the LFI account “consult the base” in Леквел «le vote Le Pen ne sera pas une option».

8:55: Jadot looks at the price per liter of essence at 1.80 euros

The environmental candidate reacted at Franceinfo to the event in the afternoon with a remission of 18 centimes per liter of carburetor, but on the spot by the government face the flambée of the price. Yannick Jadot had this decision “just”, because he was a gentleman, an informant, an educator, when he did the full thing, he was 6-7 euros on his own. I want a big 4×4, that’s 10-12-15 euros ». The European Parliament preferred to “fix at a maximum of € 1.80 per liter” and “an energy energy of € 400 for all families who are not imposable.”

8h49: «Comte tenu de tous les appuis qu’il a», Macron «ne peut pas perdre», denons Lasal

In the micro-de BFM TV / RMC, Jean Lassalle is currently “Macron va certainement gagner” l’election. “Comte tenu de tous les appuis qu’il a, il ne peut pas perdre”, accuse the candidate of Resistons, who enumerates the great patrons of the press and is directly in Apolline de Malherbe. “This campaign is a mess, for a few of the politicians who saved their lives in a crash, but he does not know that the journalists are the only ones,” said Jean Lasrpénd. issues.

8:38: “If you are a candidate for this candidate, you will not be able to vote for him”, Tacle Lassalle

In the micro de BFM TV / RMC, Jean Lassalle substantiates the candidacy, has a performance score (1.2%). “It simply came to our notice then [candidat], je n’aurais pas su pour qui voter », tacle-t-il. “The fake dismantler of the great country, the blessing of petitions,” said the candidate for Resistance. “I will reconstruct a state, a symbol, a tool to help me develop a new policy and not make an appeal to the American cabinets of 900 million euros,” said Cingle-t-il, referring to McKinsey.

08:31: Адрыен Кватэненс estime que «le scandale McKinsey» devrait empêcher la candidature de Macron

The Member of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the governor of the McKinsey affair, the cabinet of consensual solicitation councils on the executive end of the quinquennium. Selon lui, “si nous etions dans une democracy prfaite, le scandale McKinsey serait en mesure d’empêcher le president of the Republic of the presidential candidate”. “On par quand même de gros recours à des cabinets privés qui ne payent pas d’impôt en France, c’est un scandale absolu,” ajoute-t-il au micro de Public Sénat.

8 hours 25 minutes: Dupont-Enyan accuses Macron of “instrumentalizing in Ukraine” for “erasing the election”

“The French trumpeter will be arrested: he will have an instrumentalization of this Ukrainian crisis to fulfill the French presidency”, says Nicolas Dupont-Enyan in the micro of Europe. Covid pour étouffer le pays, instrumentalise l’affaire en Ukraina pour effacer l’presidentielle », insist on the candidate for debate in France.

8 hours 22 minutes: “On the train in Russia in China, on East Fuss”, denounce Dupont-Enyan

The candidate for Debut France in the micro of Europe 1, on the sanctions applied to Russia in the raison d’être of the war in Ukraine. “The sanctions against the oligarchs, against Poutine, the failure to take, hello Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. In retaliation, the sanctions that affect Europe are absurd. Who will win the geopolitical recomposition of the world? La Chin. He is on the train from Russia to China. He is crazy. »

8:13: “Les sanctions on the oligarchs do not want to be together”, Judge Adrien Kwatenen

“The argent of the oligarchs of Russia is looking forward to the European fiscal parades”, says Adrien Quatennens in the micro of the Public Senate. Selon le porte-parole de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, «le pouvoir en place n’y est pas pour rien, puisque c’est monsieur Macron qui avait fait en sorte qu’on retire un some nombre de pays european de la list des paradis European fiscals ».

8h04: The Insoumis Defender “a monk community for international changes”

In the micro of the Public Senate, Adrien Quatennens reacted to the intelligence of Vladimir Poutine to pay the Russian gas in rubles, the monnaie du pays. “Vladimir Poutine’s Essay on Preserving Rubles and Breaking Dollars,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who spoke profitably about making money with a candidate. “We propose that, in the course of international trade, there is a common community to avoid which monks do not serve as an instrument of geopolitical pressure. »

7 hours 58 minutes: Macron “against legal protection”, Le Pen demands “rectifier son proposal”

Judas, in Charente-Maritime, Emmanuel Macron responded to the mass in the exam for the death of a farmer of 35 years, who is one of the four cambrioleurs between the effraction of his domicile in the past. “I want to have security and this is the goal of the public power of the Assyrians, declared in the micro of Europe 1. More, you are in opposition to the legal defense. Donc, this is very clear and this is an intratable part that is synonymous with the Far West. »

Pour in Marine Le Pen, “Emanuel Macron will make a rectifier son proposal.” “Everything in the world is against the self-defense, but the President is not able to oppose the legal defense that is legally legal, the candidate of the National Assembly on Twitter. That’s about it. »

7:37: Lécart entre Le Pen et Mélenchon se maintient, selon un prondage

Neuf jour du du premier tour, Marine Le Pen maintient son avance sur Jean-Luc Mélenchon: Selon un probage BVA pour RTL et Orange, la Candid du Rassemblement National Grimpe à 21% d’intentions de vote (+2 en une semaine). This is 5.5 points plus Jean-Luc Melanchon, a credit score of 15.5%, which progressed to the highest possible, but less than once: +1 point on the average week. Emanuel Macron is still (27%) in favor of Eric Zemmour and Valérie Pécresse at 10% (9.5%).

7:24: The 18-cent draw on the carburetor liter, “the electoral clientele” Selon Agnès Evren

It is on account of the fact that the application of 18 centimes on the carburetor liter can be added to the place for the government to respond to the flame of the price. “Everyone who wants to see the power in the right direction, but the government is in charge of us”, said all the words of Valérie Pécresse, Agnès Evren, in the micro of the RMC.

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“It’s a bunch of good luck that the state has 25 cents and a rest that is 18, justifie-t-elle. Il y un hiatus, le compte n’y est pas. The account is not pass. This is electoral clientelism. »

7:03: The candidates defending their project on the topic of migration

The candidates or representatives representing them will succeed, in the course of 14 hours, for defending their project on the topic of migration before 20 organizations engaged for the inclusion of new sources. This is one of the main themes of the campaign, not only with the support of the candidate Zemmour and his ideology of “grand remplacement”.

One of the participating associations for this audition is ONG Singa, don’t the director general is Benoît Hamon. This is the occasion, le candidate PS à la présidentielle de 2017 answers questions on the topic. Your interview is read in this article.

Une electio peut en cacher 577 autres

In the last few days of the first presidential tour, there are many curious devices of interest to the legal entities of June. Et pourtant, pour la plupart des partis, l’election des despetés qui est souvent la replica de la presidenielle, est vitale. Our article to read here.

7:01: Morning invitations

  • Sur RFI at 7:19: Agnes Euren, parole Valerie Pecres
  • At the Public Senate at 8 am: Adrien Quatennens, porte-parole by Jean-Luc Mélenchon
  • Sur RTL at 7h35: Fabien Russell, PCF candidate
  • Sur France 2 to 7:38: Alexis Carbier, parole of Jean-Luc Melanchon
  • Sur Europe 1 from 8:13 to 9:00: Nicolas Dupont-Enyan, Debut candidate in France
  • Information about France at 8:30: Yannick Zhado, PhD
  • Sur LCI at 8h30: Anne Hidalgo, PS candidate
  • Sur RMC / BFMTV at 8:30 a.m.: Jean Lassalle, Candidate Resiston

What happened to keep the Jewish day

  • Valery Pekres received an invitation to the notary “Face aux électeurs”.
  • Emanuel Macron is part of the attack against the “tandem of extreme law” of Marine le Pen-Eric Zemmour, regretting his ideological “banal” ideas.
  • “Bien sûr, Marine Le Pen peut gagner”, before Edward Philip, who redoubt “cinq années difficiles” who is the result of scrutinism.
  • The opposition to the living criticized the government after the Mass at the point in the McKinsey dossier, a scandal of the State of Selon Eric Zemmour, on the lequel of the executive “dot rentre des comptes” estime Xavier Bertrand.
  • Anne Hidalgo, in great difficulty in the forest of drillings, appealed to the socialist in “ne pas raser les murs” and in “être fiers” des grandes conquêtes sociales de leur parti.
  • Selon Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, for which the polls are “a trucage” of the scrutiny, the election “ne sera pas valable” si l’ustaintion est trop elevée.

7 o’clock: Welcome in direct consultation with the political news and the campaign in the view of the presidential election of 2022.