Amid growing demand to postpone the National Admission Test for Postgraduate Students (NEET) PG 2022, CLIRNET, a health care provider, recently published a survey stating that 98 percent of the total number of physicians surveyed are in favor of deferring NEET. According to previously announced dates, the NEET PG exam is scheduled for May 21.

More than 7,700 doctors from all over the country were interviewed. Most of the people surveyed, 1,429 doctors, the tallest, from Telangana, demanded to postpone NEET PG for a few weeks. The poll was conducted on May 6 and was published in the following days.

While medical candidates require a delay of about 8-10 weeks. A petition in this regard has been filed with the Supreme Court. The UK said it would hear the petition NEET PG is postponed to May 13.

After writing a letter to the Ministry of Health, launching an online petition and launching a multi-week online protest, several doctors recently also took to Twitter with hashtags such as #PostponeNEETPG_Modiji to demand that he postpone the exam. Earlier, some of the contenders wrote to President Rama Nath Kovinda demanding to postpone the exams.

Applicants note that the NEET PG 2021 consultation is not over yet, candidates are left with a very small gap between the consultation and the next exam. In addition, they added that at the time when application forms were available, doctors who had passed the exam last had not yet received a place, awaiting consultation with NEET PG 2021. Thus, many could miss the chance to apply for NEET PG 2022.

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