When Luc Besson produced an adaptation of faramineuse on the plus grand pilot of the course of the history of the famous gang, Michelle Wayana catastrophic film, but a memorable crash.

In 2003, in addition to the year after having to fly for the first time in the case of the gang, Michel Vaillant was released from the cinema. Written by Luc Besson and produced by the EuropaCorp company with a lot of experience in an epoch or cinematic stage in a renowned train of French cinema and hexagonal production, the film was made by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire with a sample that makes the world a favorite choice and remains a retentive echowho advertised others.

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For the Simple Dire, Michelle Wayan est Une Piètre adaptation of the adventures of the person created by Jean Graton in 1957 in the pages du Magazine de Tintin, a virtuoso pilot and intrepide devenu depuis de légende de la course automobile et de la bande dessinée franco-belge. Pourtant, the film is open to all the reuss and what are the creators of the original original who wanted to be able to play hard on the screen.

In 1999 he was trained in the Society of Industrial Baptism EuropaCorp by Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Luke Besson was approached by Philip and Jean Graton. After various collaborations with car builders, redevelopments and an orientation of publication in the United States (under the name of “Michael Vailliant”), the other authors who Michelle Wayan ait son propre film (An idea without any motives par Asterix and Abelix v. Cesarqui arrive on sale au même moment).

The pilot pilots have been adapted for television in a series in 1967 and in an animated film at the end of the 80’s, most of them in cinemas. After the success of Taxi and your scenic courses on the routes of Marseille, Philippe and Jean Graton are conducted naturally. versus produkteur, qu’ils savent be am unoureux de bande dessinée et de vitesse (et aussi le realizateur de Nikita, Leon ou Le Cinquième Elementaccessories).

Michelle Vayan: photoCan you help me

Luc Besson and Pierre-Ange-Le Pogham are all the two fans of history Michelle Wayan, which reunites triumphs, dramas, rebonds and all that will do for a long time, the two men are wrapped. In the course of the Formula 1 courses, which is generally disputed by Michel Vaillant in the former bands, who are sweet, dangers and differences in the adapter, they will be able to agree with the authors for put the 24 Hours of Mans at the recitation centerwithout regard to the dramatic and human aspects.

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