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The first patient was certified for smallpox in France and this price was charged, announced, and the sanitary authorities. One question is in the course of retracing the contact contact to limit the propagation of this virus in general. Other rare young people have been confirmed in Europe and the Americas.

A first confirmed variole du singe at this detective in Île-de-France, on announcement, on May 20, the sanitary authorities.

The 29-year-old voyage of the year before the voyage in a country that circulates the virus, according to the General Directorate of the General and the French Public. Dess la suspicion de son infekcije, cette personne e eté prize en charge et en l’absence de gravité, elle a été isolée à son domicle.

An epidemiological inquiry is proposed to be open to the teams of the Public Council of France and the Regional Agency of the Ile de France, in addition to the medical staff who are charged to the patient.

The people are in contact with this person and this person is on review. They received a request from the Sanitary Authorities for information on the conduct of tenure, but to limit the spread of the virus.

From Europe and North America

Variole du singe is a rare original of African origin. The virus can be transmitted directly by contact with the crippled lesions or the mucus of a young person, but also by the gouttelettes. It can be contaminated in contact with the environment of young people (literature, food, laundry, bathroom).

Since May 14, the virus infection confirmed that the virus was direct from a voyage to Africa and the Center or West of the West. Sweden, in Italy, is one of the United States and Canada.

The suspects are in the course of evaluation in the countries of the country and the situation is rapidly evolving, the sanitary authorities.

A young man is generally useful

The infection is caused by a virus spread by a fever, strong and difficult to treat, damage and fatigue. After two days of work, there was a vesicular disorder, the formation of the crowds after the cicatrication. They are often disabled.

The bulges are concentrated on the visage, the corners and the plants. The muqueuses are contracted, in the book and in the genital area.

The incubation of the Maldives can take about 21 days. The phase of fire lasts around three days. The young man, generally benign, guerrit le plus souvent spontaneously, au bout deux de trois semaines.

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