Ali Abasi is a revient of sheep The Nights of MashhadSelected at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and inspired by a real history, for women of their kind.

This year, the programming of the Cannes Festival is also ultra-busy. Parmi les plus grosses attentes decette edition 2022 il ya bien sur sur nouveaux films de Cronenberg, Park Chan-wook and James Gray, mais aussi Broker d’Hirakadzu Kare-Eda, The stars are noon de Claire Danny and the new film d’Ali Abbasi intitulé en français The Nights of Mashhad (Holy Spider en the original version).

After opening Cannes in 2018 with border, an organic and delightful fable that won the Pri Une Unvegneny Attention, the cinematic revue with a new film in a very different style. Pour The Nights of MashhadThe director of the Iranian origins is televised to Mashhad, the city of Iran situated near the frontier with Turkmenistan, to recount the history of a journalist from Tehran, Tehran, Tehran, Tehran ‘a Journal of Technology on one of

Inspired by a true historian, Celle de Saeed Hanaei, a series in which prostitutes are generally visited, The Nights of Mashhad I want to be at the film-shock of the Festivalit’s all about what the band is about to announce the movie.

Reversely Nitram Remarque Lors du Cannes Festival 2021, The Nights of Mashhad it is impossible to refuse to take the point of view of the day. This is the journalist Rahimi, interpreted by Zar Amir Ebrahimi, who is our best friend of all cauchemardesque survey in the rush sombers of Mashhad. Serving the night, the serial killer arpente ville à la recherche de ses proies. Encore plus glaçant, le tueur s’efendu de ses crimes en admettant vouloir nettoyer la ville de ses péchés et mettre fin à la corruption et tuant les prostituées qu’il croise de façon méthodique, les attirant chez luiétravant.

The journalistic inquiry is the same as the seeds of the embuches, as if it were a matter of time before the end of the day of the city, as well as the suppression of these women in this world. In addition to this saisissant story, the aesthetic of the film is very rare. The band-announcement, which does not say that the plans of the night, traffic an inquisitive person who is trying to solve the problem of having a spectator in a haleine.

Immersion in the care of women

To the places of Zar Amir Ebrahimi, we are backed by Mehdi Bajestani in his role, but also by Arash Ashtiani, Nima Akbarpur, Sarah Fazilat, Alisa Rahimi and Sima Seed. At the same time, Nadim Carlsen, who worked hard on Shelley et al The limitthe first premieres of Ali Abbasi’s metro stations, the office of the director of photography.

Premiere presentation in Cannes on May 22, The Nights of Mashhad Sort in French sales July 13, 2022.

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