With Coupe!the new film by Michel Hazanavicius inspired by No coupez dog!to interrogate the video on lack of quality and quality of remakes.

Selected in the Overture of the Cannes Festival, Coupe! is a new comedy by Michel Hazanavicius, author of a chaotic tour of a zombie movie at a budget. If Thierry Frémaux did not miss the love of cinema and collectivism that transpired this amusante proposition, he would choose what the long-term goal is remake of a phenomenon of Japanese cinema, intitulé No coupez dog!

Strongly, in the sense of being one of the French realizers of the most popular interpreters of the concept with Romain Duris and Bérénice Béjo, the author of what is the effect of the surprise of the original film in the prelude to a coup, but is it really a pro?

In the octagon of the Large Screen, Geoffrey and Simon are drawn on the value of this recruitment, and in general on the nature of bons and mauvais rymejki.

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