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Journalist Shirin Abu Akleh, one-of-a-plus-cannes de la Arabic Arab al-Jazeera, is here to see if he is a member of the Israeli army to cover the affiliations of the Jordanian sector.

Lors d’affrontements dans le sektor de Jénine en Cisjordanie accupée, la Journale Shireen Abu Akleh de la chaîne arabe Al-Jazira, a été tuée mercredi 11 mai par un tir de l’armee israélienne.

The Palestinian Minister of the Santa and the Al-Jazira Chain are in the throes of announcing the news of this press conference on a tour of the Israeli army, including the affiliations of Jénine, the bastion of fractional armies in the world. Another journalist is this blessed lor of these affirmations ont indicé des hospitalières et un photographe de l’AFP sur place.

Contact with the AFP, the Israeli army did not comment on the immediate press reports of the Al-Jazira news agency, which will be interviewed in a day after the destruction of the Jalaétai tour. bureaux de la chaîne qatarie dans la bande de Gaza, lors d’une frappe aérienne israelienne en pleine guerre entre le mouvement islamiste palestinien Hamas et l’État hebreu.

Depuis le March 22, 2022, Israel is on the horizon of a series of attacks ayant fait au moins 18 morts. Two of the attacks on these Israeli Arabs, and four of them among the Palestinians, are not three of Jena’s originals, and the Israeli army has multiplied the operations of the last two years.

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