A new school group of 18 classes, a sports complex with swimming pool, the requalification of the Varichon square, the choreographic studios of the dance house it is fixed by the executive ecologist Gregory Doucet. Montant du projet: 60 million euros. A public meeting is expected to take place on March 11 to present your architectural and environmental ambitions, and to inform you about the first stages of work, the contours of the operation, your architectural ambition and ecological ambitions of architectural and grassroots works.

If the redevelopment of the site, which is located at 21,000 m, is due in 2026, the demolition of the school built in the 1960s, the first phase of the project, is a priority for 20.

“Coherence of projects between them and with an urban environment”

That is, the Verts who are in the process of reorganizing this space “a major operation” mandates to attribute the program of Kennedy’s election to the Interland agency “to appoint a member of public authority with public opinion” the coherence of projects between them and with their urban environment ».

They also retained the Société d’Equipement et d’aménagement du Rhône et de Lyon (SERL) for the school building group, Ida Concept for the construction of new Ateliers de la Danse, and Samop for the construction of a sports complex.

Réunion le vendredi March 11 at 18 h 30 at the quote space de la Mairie du 8e, 12 avenue Jean Mermoz. The account of the sanitary contexts, the number of members is limited to 150 people. Subscribe to the address cabinet.lyon8@mairie-lyon.fr