The Hauts-de-France region integrates the conditions of aids for motorists to convert a car to biothanol E85.

The region of Hauts-de-France is recommended modified its aide to bioethanol conversion. Lance en janvier 2019, under the new conditions. Il s’agit de Introduction to Resource Conditionsfor motorists souhaitant beneficiary of this program.

Resource conditions Concern les salaires captés chaque année. Ainsi, for a benefit, it doesn’t work out 28,200 euros at the expense of income pour une personne seule. A fixed mount 42,250 euros annually, pour a couple.

“Assistant Notre a déjàséduitprès de 4 000 faewhole devrait Amplifier on encorePredit Christoph Coulomb, Vice President of the Regional Council in charge of Rural Defense and Security, aware of the proposed reports La Voix du Nord. Bioethanol and in parallel apply to station maintenance, na s’attend à des flux élevés.«

Budget rolling pin for E85

Pour this value, a budget match for this vote the 29th of March, the regional council. À hauteur de 383,000 eurosthis door last year annually 683,000 euros. Nothing that.

The principle remains the most important: the region before charging a correspondent to 40% of the car conversion. Tsets in the limit of 400 euros. Interesting, in the measure of the installation of a bioethanol boiler for between 500 and 1,200 euros of the environment. Ceci evoluant selon le type de vecicule, les modifications necessaires,…

Lancée en 2019, Cette Aide connaît Donc a popular popularity show. The Région Hauts-de-France is not a trompe certain pass, and the restaurant has this restaurant. Diversions of regions on the other hand in a place to take a tour similaire, depuis the debut of the crisis of energy.

The best example is definitely the whole of the Île-de-France region. Valerie Pacres, President de Cette dernière, announcement of admission “A forfaitaire for 500 euros” pour the essence passer un véhicule essence au bioethanol. She fixed «An object of 30,000 boots from the end of the year»soit un budget de 15 million d’eurs.

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