What are the days of the first tour, connait-on the second tour? What is your comment? Asphyxiation for the war in Ukraine, retarded in the party for the late harvest in the campaign of the President of Sorting, the Presidential campaign of the anime. For a reason? The prospect of a second round with Emanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

The effraye of the partisans of the prime minister and the enchante of the supporters of the second.

Melenchon and the useful vote

The “useful vote” is an expression that will be more useful in the four days that remain than the pave. An expression of reprise on all the sounds of the teams of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the current trinity in the intentions of the vote. Well, this distance is the location of Marine Le Pen, the popular Union of the most popular people, but also the trouble-troubles. This campaign is the best. S’il parvient à siphonner les voix des autres partis de gauche, c’est jouable pense-t-il.

Aw …