12:40: «Марын Ле Пен espere tromper suffisamment de Français pour gagner cette élection»

Gabriel Attalus, portrait-password of the board, narration of JDD Marine Le Pen, the principle of simultaneous performance of Emanuel Macron: […] Come on, she’s out of the woods so she’s on the mattress. “In the reverse of the candidate RN, the president of the sorting parle, selon lui,” du real and have a long way to go “.

12:32: Castanor Denones is a “political operation” in the subject of the McKinsey controversy

Christophe Castaner evaluates the smoke of the RMC, which makes it the reason for McKinsey’s private cabinet, which has passed the number of contracts with the State and the United States to pay for the years in France, the detention process and an operation politics ».

The file chef of Senators L.R., Bruno Retail, appreciated it Grand rendezvous Europe 1 / CNews /The Echoes qu’il s’agissait «d’un scandale» avec le «melange des genres entre le privé et puis le public», la «possibilité de retour d’ascenseur» de cadres de McKinsey qui auraient soutenu Emmanuel Macron en 2017, et le non-payment of the import on the company

12:21: A campaign “in appareness of the morning in potentially unrealistic reality”

In the issue Policy issuesOrganized by France Inter, France info et The World, Vincent Martigny, historian and professor of political science, said that the current presidential campaign is “in the absence of more potentially unrealistic reality”, in the reason for the recent percentage of candidates. Жэром Жафры, палітолаг, fait le même constat et observed «un abaissement des repères politiques» du fait de la recomposition politique survenue depuis l’election de 2017.

Sous la Ve Republique, the campaigns of the plus mornes on this cell or president will be represented.

Jerome Geoffrey, political scientist

12:10: Anne Hidalgo offers “une loi d’urgence” for the young woman

Avant de tenir son dernier meeting cet après-midi à Paris, la candidat PS a annoncé dans le JDD vouloir «une loi d’urgence pour l’avenir des jeunes de notre pays». If she were president, she would be “first to measure after the election”.

In addition to a minimum amount of young people with a condition of resources and a grant of 5,000 euros for all major money, she offers “the total free of charge for registration for all students” who are inscribed in “additional resources”. public »,« dès la rentrée 2022 »and« sans condition de resources ».

She will also be able to install the free transport, at the end of July, for all the youngsters of 26 years and for 1 euro in the Crosses. She also wants to “revalue 10% of personal income tax (APL) and exchange rates on October 1st”.

12:04: A week before the first tour, a manifestation against the extreme right

Dans tout pile une semaine, les Français ont rendez-vous dans les bureaux de votes pour le premier tour de l’presidentielle. A week of scrutiny, the party of gauche (France Insoumise, Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste), the syndicates and diversified organizations organized a manifesto against the extreme rights of Paris. Le Cortège partira à 14h de la Place de la République, in Paris.

12:02: Cinq candidates for the meeting ce dimanche

Last online right for the candidates for the presidential election. Cinq d’entre eux meeting organizer ce dimanche. Jean-Luc Melanchon (LFI) is at 2 pm in the Place du Capitol, in Toulouse, and Valérie Pecresse is near the port of Versailles, Paris, and the tenors of the Republic of the Republic appealing to foreign reservists.

Natalie Artaud (LO) took part at 3 pm in Zenit de Paris, and Anne Hidalgo at this point in the Cirque d’Hiver, là aussi dans la capitale. Jean Lasalle, Louis, will meet at 5 pm to meet Pau to end his tour in France.

12:01: The political invitations of this day

  • RTL, Le Figaro, LCI – 12 hours: Jerome Fourquet, political scientist
  • France Inter, France info, Le Monde – 12h: Jerome Geoffrey, political scientist, Chercheur associé au Cevipof and Vincent Martigny, historian and professor and political science
  • RADIO J – 14:10: Olivier Dussopt, Ministry of Public Delegation Comptes, Bra of Emmanuel Macron and Robert Menard, Mayor de Beziers, Bra of Marine Le Pen
  • TF1 – 20:20: Nicolas Dupont-Enyan (Debut in France), Philippe Putou (NPA)

12 o’clock: Welcome to the direct conference on political news and the campaign in the view of the presidential election of 2022.