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After a confinement of ultra-strict finances in Shanghai, he also said that the authorities would be able to accept certain sanitary measures, plus one of the most remarkable youngsters for the sake of Chinese politics and mother-in-law against Covid-19 and Cherchent. However, these departments are very complicated. Report by Lou Kisela and Antoine Morel.

After opening franchises, on May 17, the three consecutive days after the new house of Covid-19, Shanghai, were held to meet certain sanitary measures. Avec cette fin progressive de certains interdits, vient aussi le temps des remises en question d’une petite partie de la jeunesse. The few days of confinement ultrastrict on en effet suscité chez certains une perte de confiance dans la stratégie 0 Covid de la Chine.

A ras-le-bol qui s’exprime de plus en plus sur les reseaux sociaux, voire dans la rue. In the University of Beijing, one of the most prestigious prestige of the country, the students are distinguished from the installation of barriers that insulate their students. A disobedience is rare. The few images of the rebellion are censored.

The only solution for these young people: Twitter. Depuis le confinement de Shanghai, les recherches sur l’emigration empresent sur Internet. All attached files to Shanghai Station. Jusqu’à huit heures de queue. Report by Lou Kisiel and Antoine Morel.

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