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The Russian capital Gazprom, in fact, is the owner of natural gas in Finland, which announced its intention to organize the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. On the terrain, in Ukraine, the Azovstal area, near Marioupol, the last place of resistance, is under Russian control, but also, in the Danbass, the Moscow artillery pylon in the positions of Kiev. Find the latest developments directly

• 6 x 48: the Russian gas for Finland and this coupe

Appropriation in the natural gas of Finland to Russia is interrupted by this, and declared the energy company of the Finnish public Gasum, despite the fact that the Nordic countries pay the refund for the Gazprom factory in rubles.

“The natural gas deliveries to Finland in the frame of the contract of approval of Gasum are interrupted,” said the company in a communiqué, saying that the gas will be discharged four times before the gas will be discharged. relieves Finland to Estonia.

• 00 h 30: Зяленскі advertise the confiscation of Russian goods

Vladimir Zelensky offers to agree on a multilateral agreement to obtain a compensation for the part of Russia for the domicile causes caused by the forces enduring war.

Уладзімір Зяленскі, who affirms that Russia has the task of destroying the infrastructure that can be used in Ukraine, to declare that it is in line with nations that prefer to receive aggressive acts to pay for it. the price

Selon the agreement proposed by the President of Ukraine, the funds and the biennials of Russia will be found in the countries of the seized confiscated countries, or the following are conducted to a special compensation fund.

• 9 pm: Moscou affirme que l’usine Azovstal est “libérée”

L’aciérie Azovstal, in Marioupol, the last place in the distance to the strategic port on the sea of ​​Azov, is past the time to be under Russian control. In the beginning of the soybean, the port of call of the Minister of Defense of the Defense affirmed that the complex side security is “pass under the control of the Russian armies” after the redesign of the famous Russian authorities Vladimir Putin.

The images published by Moscou montraient des cohortes d’hommes en tenue de combat émergeant de l’aciérie, somes avec des béquilles ou des bandits, après une longue bataille que était devenue un symbol de la résseinne à

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