The last one Mortal Kombat I am in my successes, but after the screenwriter Jeremy Slater, Mortal Kombat 2 devrait moins fâcher les fans.

If you want to watch the series Halo (not on a vu les trois premiers épisodes) et al The last of us rebalance the balance after the cold nights that these films Sonic 2 and Uncharted, the adaptations of the most recent video games in the origin of the original material. The projects are constantly pouring in between Minecraft with Jason Momoa, anime Super Mario Bros. with Chris Preta, series Mass Effect d’Amazon Prime Video, new film Pokemon of Netflix and the many other productions in development: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Splinter CellResident Evil et al Mega Man. Like comics and other famous bands, the video market is a source of inspiration that Hollywood and the streaming platforms are about to have an epic.

A franchise Mortal Kombat visit egalement le public après le film de 2021 realized by Simon McQuoid. This new adaptation, which should make it possible to retranscribe kitsch (more irresistible) by Paul WS Anderson to make jokes about the song on the walls, arracher of boyaux to the main nue and make roller skates on the ground. See that the film doesn’t really have a place to play, but also for the neophytes that the fans have. A full-fledged pandemic with a simultaneous series on HBO Max at United States, the new Mortal Kombat n’a pas eu le succès escompté, qu’il soit critique ou commercial (seulement 83 million dollars in cash fees mondial on 55 million budget marketing).

In January, the warrior, the Warner and the New Line are all dead the fire for a suite, which is written by Jeremy Slated (Umbrella Academy, Death note, The 4 Fantastic). Suspension, Mortal Kombat 2 don’t give a damn about new news projects, the screenwriters are still busy Moon Knight, the last series is available from the MCU.

Lewis Tan

Maintaining that the series of portraits by Oscar Isaac is bouclée, Straight the profit of a recent entrant with the screenwriter to take part in the news of this suite at the end of the visit. In addition to making a point on your own adventure, Jeremy Slater has a great goal that the creative team of the second opus will be able to take into account the grogne of a party of fans:

This is a very exciting time to present. He wrote on the screen of the script. I work in cooperation with the director [ndlr : a priori Simon McQuoid], the studios and the specialists of the game. Je ne peux rien dire de l’histoire en el-même, mais je pense qu’ils ont tiré des leçons du dernier film en se disant: ‘a pas fonctionné aussi bien qu’on l’espérait’ ».

Mortal Kombat: photo, Hiroyuki Sanada, Joe TaslimThe film features Hiroyuki Sanada and Joe Taslim as a passageman

On consider this film as a chance to take everything that works in the premiere, to do more, to give more to the public and to do something that satisfactorily chooses to satisfy, to excite and imperceptibly. . Je ne pense pas qu’il aura nécessairement le même ton que le MCU, mais il aura certaines de mes sensitilités. […]. On the occasion of the visit to the fire and the crack of the fire, this is a bizarre university, he will be able to find a part of this bizarre party to make a suite of Mortal Kombat that a person does not expect […]».

The first premiere film with a long exposure and introduction to Mortal Kombat is one of the newcomers Mortal Kombat 2 With the announcement of the celebrity Johnny Cage and the logic of return Cole Young (Lewis Tan), Sonia Blade (Jessica McNamey) and Jacks (Mehkad Brooks). In retaliation, the date of this advance for the debut of production, which should be considered in the current year and the scenario, is effective and good.

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