L’OMS (Organisation of the World) we know that 59% of European adults are in surplus or obesity, in a recent report published only 3 days ago. Among the children, about 29% of the girls and 27% of the girls are in this situation. A problem that causes the death of 1.2 million people in the world.

An IMC is too late

The existence is simple to verify that a person is obsessed with obesity. It suffers from calculating the IMC (Body Mass Index), which measures the human corpulence in the function of weight and size. The result is calculated on the basis of the weight per kilogram divided by the square meter. For an adult of 1.80 m and a weight of 75 kg, he can hold an IMC of (75 / 1.80 () 23.1

Selon l’échelle etablie par l’OMS, une corpulence normale signifie que l’IMC est compris entre 18,5 et 25. Entre 25 et 30, la personne est en surpoids et au-delà, en obésité. At 18.5, the person is in a state of serious insanity, at the same time a major.

Obesity of parents

In this case, obesity rhyme with heredity. If the parents are surprised, there is a risk that children with children will have an adult. It is estimated that 50% of the property is hereditary. The 50% restants are on alimony and physical activity of an individual.

Modifications of the ADN sequence increase the risk of developing this disease. These last ones lead to a prize of prizes and parfos to an obsession. Selon the genetic profile, the risk of developing maladie peut être jusqu’à quatre fois plus important. These genes are all active on the part of the cervix that is the mechanism of compensation and addiction.

Health problems

Some associated associations can manifest themselves in quotation marks. For example, the troubles of breathing as the sleep of the sommel or the young pulmonary engendrant of the obstructions of the respiratory tract.

Parmi les pensômes les plus fréquemment associés à l’obésité, on observe une hypertension arérielle, un taux élevé de cholestérol, mais aussi des douleurs d’articulation (notamment dans les genoux et le dos). L’obésité est aussi liée à des problèmes psychologiques, comme la faible estime de soi, heavyés personnellesu o professiennelles etc.

Limits the risks of facilities

To limit the risks of having an obsession, you can modify your life. All on board at the alimentation level, it is advisable to privilege the fish, the fairies, more fruits and legumes. Avoid equal fast food foods to regulate and limit portion sizes. It is advised to boil at least 1.5 liters of water per day. The key is to practice a physical activity (the perfect confectionery market) and to have a repairman.

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