Amazon is not advertising this super-ambitious Lynn Ramsey project for the new new Margaret Atwood (The story of the maid) with two super actresses.

The Cannes Festival, this is the Croisette, the passion and the opportunity to discover the name of the film press, but it is also a huge market or not to be seen by Tomates, most of the long films , and build your solution by the case. Enorme is a place of interest among producers, distributors and international sellers, the Cannes Film Market is one of the most important in the industry. Between many others, a project very important to this advertiser.

The new film by Lynne Ramsay, realized by We need to talk about Kevin, qu’on n’avait pas vu depuis Have a nice day, Three remarks made by the Cannes Film Festival of 2017 are open to the Prize of the Scenario at the end of the interpretation of the male race for Joaquin Phoenix. After five years of absence, very fresh, she will be able to do everything in court in 2019, the British realist will come back with Stone mattress.

Le déchirant Weed to Talk About Kevin

Adaptation de The Stone Mattress: Nine Evil Stories ou New content en français, a novel by Margaret Atwood, who will be able to adapt to the most beautiful and small screen shows with the series The story of the maid notam, ce nouveau film a tout pour plaire. En plus de Ramsay a la implementation, actresses Julianne Moore and Sandra Oh will come to the casting of the film again qui s’est dévoilé dans un intriguing synopsis.

Stone mattress recount the story of Verna, Julianne Moore, a cinematographer in the soixante deux fois veuve qui embarque à bord d’un bateau de cruisière luxueux pour un voyage à travers l’Arctique. Elle y rencontre Grace, Sandra O, and a certain Bob, qui vient d’hériter d’une great fortune. Sauf que Bob, qui essaie de seduire Verna, ne serait pas aussi inoffensif qu’il en a l’air. The blessings of the Verna Pass resurgissent and the atmosphere of the cross is more than just a shocking act.

History of Lisey: photo, History of Lisey, Julianne Moore

An enigmatic role for the story of Julianne Moore

Photography director Tom Townend, who is working on the modern Ramsey film, will co-write with screenwriter and Dylan Weatherd (Beach boom) and Daniel Lupi (Licorice pizza) official in the form of executive products. Deadline a report on Lynn Ramsey’s suggestions for the following film:

“With the current revocation of the rights of women to work in the world, in particular in the area where the return of Roe v Wade en Amérique [arrêté de la Cour suprême des États-Unis datant de 1973 concernant l’avortement, ndlr]this story, with the themes of maternal love and sexual abuse, is more important than ever ».

In the Amazon, the acquis on the right to the United States is right, on ne sait pas encore comment sortira le film en Francemais le tournage devrait commencer in September 2022 in Iceland et au Groenland.

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