Alors que le procès qui oppose Amber Heard à son ex-mari Johnny Depp est actuallement en pause, l’actrice d ‘Aquaman a pris la parole à la barre le jeudi 5 mai dernier pour livrer sa version des faits. Lors de son audition, Amber Heard decided to evoke an old company of actors in the accusation of having this violent with her and her hair in the escalators.

Exhumer une vieille rumeur pour accuser depot

In effect, this is what you report New York Post. Amber Heard is a rant and a frappe for the premiere of Johnny Depp. She explicitly said that she would be agitated by the variety that the couple is on the train to be dispatched to a mezzanine in 2015. Whitney, the little sister of Amber, the tent of separating and this is the moment when I want to see Johnny Depp in the stairs of the escalators. You can only get rid of the escalator and “Johnny was born today“.

The act pour suit recited by évoquant Kate Moss :

I don’t want to pass and I don’t want to go, I think it’s Kate Moss and the escalators.

The fake jamais prouvés

This is not the first time that Amber Heard has been a British mannequin. This is the last part of Johnny Depp’s life between 1994 and 1998. In the course of a precedent, a process of defamation was played by the actor against his ex-wife, She will have a board this year. To the epoch, she must have declared:

I have received information that I am interested in. It is possible to have an old friend, I believe that Kate Moss, in the escalators. J’avais entendu cette rumeur de la part de deux personnes et elle était fraíche dans mon esprit.

In conclusion, Amber Heard completed her son’s impending speech that will last this episode, Elle n’avait jamais frappé son mari et que Depp n’a pas poussé sa sœur dans les escalariers.

The question remains for the reason of the exhumation of this exhumation of Kate Moss’s dream car, which is a tumultuous relationship in the 90’s, la chute dans les escalariers du mannequin britannique par l’actor n’a jamais été confirmedée. Yes plus, Кейт Мос n’a Jamais affirmed that Johnny Depp has been a violent journalist with her. Amber Heard is a tilt tente de to pass for a recidivist in the process that will be held on May 16 in Virginia.

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