The process of the moment, excellent interventionist Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, n’a pas fini de faire parler de lui. What the last answer to aujourd’hui, May 16, 2022and the fact that Amber Heard explicitly noted the precedent of the declaration, realized in a few days at a timeand who will be able to strengthen his reason.

A process that continues to play

The trial of opponents Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is currently commented on the part and the other of the planet. All the actions and reactions of the two actors are recruited to the loupe, in the dark, for example, the reaction of Amber Heard after having a cruise with Johnny Depp, the day after that.

Yes, on the internet, Guerrilla Johnny Depp they are appropriately good more people who want to defend Amber Heard, the best Toutefois visit the end of the process pour savoir qui obtiendra gain de reason. Et en sopravođajući, un retent temogonage vient de faire pencher la balance du coté de Johnny Depp. A tempoignage provenant d’un ancien proche du par, qui remet en reason the fame of Amber Heard.

Amber heard the prosecution charge

Kevin Murphy, the owner of the patrimony of Johnny Deppopen to Amber Heard for the previous demand for maintenance, in an affair with The Australian Government. The real estate agent from Johnny Depp also works with Amber Heard to make pressure on him to pay. Murphy had the opportunity to lose his job sil n’allait pas dans le sens de l’actrice :

She wants to know that this is essentially a bad thing, a way of being or something else, that the papers do not have to do this again, but that you can take the responsibility for her.

Australian Government in effect Ember Hurd pour avoir fait entrer illégalement deux yorkshyrskih terrier dans le pays, in juillet 2015. Kevin Murphy admis que Amber Heard lui a dit de dire à la justice australienne qu’elle ne connaissait pas les règles australiennes (notamment careant le transport d’animaux domestiques), afin de s’éviter d’éventuelles sankcij. Kevin Murphy announced that Amber Heard was threatening the consequences of a son who did not accept him. Murphy and the City of Amber Heard :

I saw a lot of help for the whole. I don’t want you to have a problem with your work plus tard.

Sasha Vas, the lawyer of the tabloid The sunlors of Johnny Depp’s deposit in LondonAller demands from Kevin Murphy:

Why the hell are you not going to see M. Depp for you to require to intervene to float what to think about?

Murphy as well as the answer :

Parce qu’Amber avait beaucoup de pouvoir et aurait rendu ma vie misérable.

Murphy to share the pretensions of the affair in front of the Haute Cour mercredi in London par liaison video depuis Chicago. The accused is accused of having a lawyer The sun, Sasha you. He wants to be able to have a trumpet declaration in the Australian judicial affair. Murphy announced that in accordance with the demand of Amber Heard, parce qu’il avait peur de perdre son emploi.

Amber Heard does on encore témoigner dans l’affaire plus tard cette semaine, et reviendra peut-être sur les dires de Kevin Murphy à cette case. For the moment at all times, Kevin Murphy’s Declaration peut faire pencher la balance du côté des jurés, puisqu’il s’agirait d’une preuve careant le fait que Amber Heard, dans le passé, a utilisé la menace pour forcer quelqu’un à se parjurer, et ainsi, s’éviter des problèmes personnels avec la justice. And you can save, in the sideboard, which recent information is good to be able to balance of Johnny Depp’s cottage concerned son éventuelle future participation au film Pirates of the Caribbean 6you can consult our precedent article on the subject.

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