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L’Ong Amnesty International is, in fact, a compensation of 440 million dollars for the money spent on Qatar in the conditions degraded by the conditions of the infrastructure of the World Cup-2022 is the “minimum”. La Fifa said that “the current evaluation process” will take place.

L’ONG Amnesty International has demanded on May 19 under FIFA the payment of compensation of 440 million dollars as migrants “maltraités” in Qatar, pays hôte du Mondial-2022 football charges according to Suffis.

The amnesty of Amnesty, other than other organizations of the human rights organizations, intervened in the suite of critical reviews against the conductor of football and to react to the actions of mauvailés des trauvailés sur chantiers liés au Mondial dés le Moans riche State of Golf.

“La Fifa devrait consacrer au moins 440 million dollars (environment 418 million euros) à la reparation of dommages subis par les centaines de milliers de travailleurs migrants, victims of human rights violations in Qatar, suspension les de20parati20,” the amnesty announced in a statement.

Salaires impayés and childbirth accidents

Selon Amnesty, this sum, which matches the grant of the 32 participating teams, is the “minimum necessary” to indemnify the travailists and the protectors of the futures abus. The organization notices the most important expenses, the payment of “illegal” and “exorbitant” recruits, but also the local causes for work expenses.

L’ONG Basin in London exported Fifa to “work with Qatar to put in place a complete repair program with the participation of workers, trade unions, the International Labor Organization (OIT) and society”. Depuis 2010, the date of La Fella’s attribute to the World Cup-2022 in Qatar, a “litany of the abyss” between the preparations without which the instance did not follow the “most significant change of course”.

Important social reforms, but insufficient

Amnesty has recently welcomed the social reforms of Qatar since 2018 and the amelioration of conditions on the official chants of the World Cup in 2014.

In a commentary sent to the Agence France-Presse (AFP), Fifa said that he was “currently awaiting an evaluation of Amnesty’s proposal” and the other ONG, affirming that “implied a major event constructed public infrastructure (in Qatar) since 2010 which is not in short supply at the World Cup ».

Critique depuis qu’il s’est vu attribuer le premier Mondial de football dans un pays arabe, le Qatar a mené d’importantes reformes, abolissant le systeme de parrainage faisant des salariés des quasi propriétés de leur minimum commissur sa et leur horerant hoire et . It pays a good price for the balance of deaths on the advance payments for international media.

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