David Cronenberg’s new film, Crimes of the futureget some money in a new band-announcement.

In 2021, turning to Cannes, in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, Julia Ducourne’s second long meter, Titanium, and this is recompensé de la famé d’Or. This trip to the front of cinematographic and sexual genres is a creation of ADN all right to the cinematography of David Cronenberg, the great influence of cinema. A meeting for the sound of the body and the chair qui va faire son retour cette année sur les ecrans cannois avec la projection de Forest Crimes in the futurethe new film is made by the master of body-horror.

A representative of one of his first prime ministers, the filmmakers of the original La Mush, Failure et al History of violence is back with A new recitation of human corpses is the subject of various transformations and mutations. Entering the return of the director’s chamber, which was also after a long-distance event, and a casting plus what I love for Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux and Kristen Stewart, Crimes of the future Advertise as one of the most visited films in 2022.

There is a screening in Cannes and in parallel the debut operation of his son in the movies, a new band-announcement in a little more.

In these new images, he retrieves the obsessions of the film about the obsolescence of corps and sexuality, but also about manners the chair has a new source of spectacle and experimentation. About retrouve the modules étranges d ‘eXistenZcold eroticism de Failure et les fentes corporelles de Videodrome dans ce qui semble être une proposition qui n’hésite pas à dialoguer avec les oeuvres précédentes du cinéaste.

The elegant photograph of Douglas Koch and the electronic music of Howard Shore are combined, in all cases of these images, delight with the mass in the toxic scene of Cronenberg. The idea of ​​a Viggo Mortensen who mutilates for his art coup d’état of surprising apparitions as one of a variety of dancers with multiple oreils not intuitively situated on his body corpses a feeling of comfort in a minute 2 minutes of extra time.

The master of the back chair

On donc hâte de découvrir ce qu’il se cache derrière les 1h47 de ce Crimes of the future who left the 25th of May in the French cinemases. Just take the time to review the integrity of David Cronenberg’s horror boutique and prepare for the return of the new grand screen.

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