The son of an autorickshaw driver, IAS Govind Jaiswal has been an inspiration to many because he has struggled a lot to reach where he is now. Govind Jaiswal, a resident of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, is currently appointed as the Director of the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Here is his inspiring story.

The mother suffered a brain hemorrhage

Govind’s father and sisters contributed greatly to Govind reaching this point in life. To complete Govind’s education, his father Narayan Jaiswal also made many sacrifices.

In 2005, IAS Govind Jaiswal’s mother Indu died of a brain haemorrhage. After which Govinda’s father, who owned a rickshaw manufacturing company with 35 rickshaws, had to sell his company to pay for his wife’s treatment. During his wife’s treatment, most of his rickshaws were sold and the family became financially unstable. Govind was in 7th standard at that time.

At that time, Govinda’s entire family was living in a cell at Alipur, Kashi. In those days Govind, his three sisters and his father many times ended their day eating only dry roti. However, Govind’s father left no stone unturned to get his children a proper education. After his daughters graduated, Govind’s father also sold his remaining rickshaws for the weddings of his three graduate daughters.

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Used for training to save money

Govind received his early education from a government school located in Osmanpur. After that, he did his Diploma in Mathematics from Harishchandra University located in Varanasi itself. In 2006, Govind came to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC exam. To earn money, Govind started driving a rickshaw with his father.

After Govind moved to Delhi, he started taking training. Even then he could not save. so he gave up disposable tiffin and tea to save money. Finally, after all the difficulties, in 2007 he secured the 48th position in his first attempt.

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