Third circus

Angelina La Marco, 32, is a newcomer to political life. But this young woman, sports coach at Saint-Chamond and Saint-Etienne, also at the DJette, is launching into the adventure of the Legislative Determinants. Without cracking, face it and stimulate it. “I am interested in politics. Cette année, je me suis dit que j’avais assez de connaissance pour me mettre en avant et defendre les valeurs du RN. »

She came in last December, and came to a military meeting with Michel Lucas, delegated from the department. When it comes to launching a three-dimensional circus, it doesn’t work. “Politics is like a drug: it is the life of many strong beliefs. It’s like a super hero’s hat that he met you on the beach with an accomplishment. »

Si aujourd’hui, elle a rejoint le parti de Marine Le Pen, «celui qui se rapproche le plus de mes positions», Angelina La Marca avait en 2017 Milité pour En Marche. Quickly open. “I have to find out that the promissory notes are not valid, not only for young people. »

«Isabelle Surply ne me fait pas peur»

Aujourd’hui, elle veut defendre un program qui, selon elle, répond aux besoins des Français. And not only of the three-dimensional zirconscription, this is a recent residence of the Villars in the old pendant plus several years ago, which is located at Sorbiers or at La Grand-Croix.

Your priorities: the power of achat, the milieu associative or encore the animal reason. But also the health, trying “it is inadmissible that the emergency services of the capital can close the night to last more than me.” The security is infinite, and not only “the money against drug trafficking”.

Accompanied by the binôme Jean-Luc Fougerand, a candidate for the 2021 departmental elections, she is not an inquirer to live before the battle of the principal rivals of politics, Isabelle Surply, in the future. “She is known for the zirconscription mais ne me fait pas peur, c’est une concurrente comme une autre. »