The series Jana-Hulk de Marvel with Tatiana Maslani ramènera Hulk on Disney +, but also an other hero who logically makes his return to the MCU.

After the silence, the series Jana-Hulk Portée par Tatiana Maslany s’e devoilée dans une premiere bande-annonce peu emballante avec – comme dans la majorité des comics – A surprising heroine, more in fashion fitness girl well done and hairy, qui n’a donc pas un dixième de la carrure monstrueuse de son cousin (sexual sexual attraction obliges). On the spot, the lawyer has the right to take special specialties Snapchat who should stay – he is waiting very hard – to be able to diffuse.

Jana-Hulk, that’s what parait

In addition to introducing a super-heroine novel and a super-fairy tale novel, the Titania by Jameela Jamil, the series created by Jessica Gao will also be used to recruit people to install the characters in Mark Rufal, Emile Blonski alias Disgust Played by Tim Roth and introduced the element in The Incredible Hulk.

But before the release of the MCU in the form of a man, the mechanic had to go to the board to make a good apparition in Shang-Chi and the legend of Dix Anneaux. The fight against Wong (Benedict Wong) in the Xialing Soldiers’ battlefield, before going to Sorcier’s a very nice meeting at the security of Emil Blonsky presented in the advertisement Jana-Hulk.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Photo by Benedict WongWong in Dr. Strange 2

Si Wong est revenu à la fin de Shang Chi, il n’a jamais donné d’explications sur sa relation a priori amicale avec l’Abomination, qu’il semblait vouloir aider à se maîtriser. Forced, in addition to Hulk’s return, the logic is that Wong is an implicit element in the script. And after the site, the hero was able to make an apparition in the series after his return to the last Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In revenge, he does not know how to be so important, he will be able to float from a simple cameo to continue to do the same or he will be able to play a real role in playing his story in history.

Holidays include Ginger Gonzaga, Josh Segar, Rene Elise Goldsbury and John Bass. A series of new episodes with Kat Koiro and Anu Wales began in the Disney + broadcast on August 17, 2022.

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