In Belgium, one of the most important habitats for a radical solution is more than just the speed of the conductors in front of them, thanks to the fake radars!

Ils ne flashent pas, n’enregistrent pas la vitesse mais par contre, ils dissuadent bien! However, some in Belgium, the false radars are multiplying.

Effectively, the inhabitants of small communities and their resources are limited by the number of years before these. This is a practice that is incredibly more contradictory than what it says, but it is not illegal.

Eh non, tant que le faux dispositif est instalé sur une proprieté privée, the authorities are not here to edit. On the other hand, the last one is installed in a public area, this is all different suites. For more information, please contact the RTBF at the top of the Info Info Belgium page.

This is the case

Very interesting, these dispositifs facts are resmembants de loin. More than that, it is rapidly improving the account of the supercher. It’s not good to be able to import, it’s motoring and cruising!

Le fait est que cela semble plutôt bien fonctionner là où ils ont été instalés. The speed of this reduction on these axes and the price of motorists is not limited.

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