After the anonymity of reckoning in favor of the soutien in Ukraine, clash immersion in the session of the regional council of Jews after an intervention by Stéphane Gemmani, Socialist group, environmentalist, democrat. The Assembly examined the Charter for the Defense of France and the Laity, visiting the “Defense of the Values ​​of France and Luther Against Communism”.

“Vos singez le provincialisme de Pétain”

“It does not require the interference of religious signs in public space and schools and legitimacy in public places like the region’s hall. You are confusing the confusion of the republican values ​​and the laity of the finances of politics “, the regretta Stéphane Gemmani, avant de s’interroger sur le sen qu’il ya” to affirm the valeurs of the republics, to affirm the regional valences. , peregéionés lésme façon Wauquiez? ».

“When do you compare the births of the region to Patten? I read you a …