The actor confirms on Instagram that he is on the plateau of the Atlanta tour.

Black AdamLe prochain film DC, is currently in reshoot dans les studios d’Atlanta, Comme l’a annoncé Rock over Instagram. I write: ” It is the content of the return on the BLACK ADAM plateau with our team of more than 750 talented filmmakers to bring the last details and last touches of our movie before the variety ».

In the corner of Dwayne JohnsonThe names of actors confirming that the JSA (Society of Justice of America) is also present for the last resolutions. Quintesse Swindel (trinkets)who play the role of Cycloneainsi que Sarah Shahi (Du Plomb dans la tête) who play Isis, Noah Sentinea (Perfect date) in the role of ‘Destroyer of the atom et al Aldis Hodge (The Invisible Man) dans celui de The hawk manare on the tournaments.

Trailer DC for images of black images Adam, The Flash or Aquaman 2

The film met with the scene l’ennemi de Shazam, l’anti-héros Black Adam (joué par The Rock). After 5,000 years of having this power of all the Egyptians and empiricists to help everyone, Black Adam is free to be a Tombe Terrestre, to make a difference in his unique form. A la realization, on the retro Jaum Colle-Sera which is not the origin of Jungle cruise et al Passenger. A l’affiche, he retrouvera également Pierce Brosnan (James Bond: GoldenEye) be Dr. Destiny et al Jennifer Holland (Suicide Squad) en Emilia Harcourt.

The sort of long-distance halls is a priority for this, but in the end it was declared on October 19, 2022. The reason: the pandemic was retarded by the production of famous films, the socieffeuxétés of socieffeesp. The DC studios are just a few steps away Black Adambut also Aquaman 2 et al Flash.

Black Adam finished in 2022, The Flash and Aquaman retouched in 2023

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