LCI, ulit Life Cycle Impulse, the term that designed the restylages of my career at BMW. This is the time when this is the place for the 3 Series, the G20 and Berlin and G21 codes and the Touring break. Les deux silhouettes profitent de plusieurs, visible changes.

What a change to the exterior

This is not the case with surgery, but the solutions are remarkable. The optics abandonnein ainsi leur décroché en partie basse, optant plus une form plus simple, un peu plus fine. They are always coming to the calender. I want to get rid of haricots plus angles (most of them are not grandissent). The cushion plus angles is retouched in the new boucliers, not only the models from the M Sport look. The jantes are on this redesign and plus colors are on these tips.

What a change in the interior

BMW developed the 3rd Series restyled: what is this change?

Yes, the evolution is just like that. BMW has not decided to revise its superior part to offer the 3 Series new range of included screens, the board offered with the i4 and iX electrics. The screen has 12.3 pounds of instrumentation and the screen of 14.9 pounds of info-entertainment is still lifeless, without casket. La marque a revu les centraki aerator, faisant le menage dans les boutons, les designers misant sur les vocal commands. The knight selector is an integral part.

What a change under the hood

BMW developed the 3rd Series restyled: what is this change?

No revolution under the hood. La Serie 3 offfre toujours un voste choix. Essentially, it’s the 318i, 320i and the sporty M340i. Note that the 330i is not the most proposed for us. In diesel, less than four versions, 316d (less than 3 Series with 122 hp) on the M340d musclée. À noter que la boîte automatíque 8 rapports est toujours de seri. Six cylinders in the office of the integrated xDrive transmission. Enfin, il ya deux hybrides rechargeables, les 320e et 330e.

The new series of 3 series of concessions in July. The command carts are open in France.

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