Boston Justice to frame a law firm in Boston, dont associate sont assez farfelus et hors-normes. However, in contrast to Ally McBeal, who is very beautiful in the blue, for not even looking for a few moments, Boston Justice is satirical, ironic, touches justice and regrette that I don’t have that season.

You have sex and sex

The cabinet is full of sexual obsessions: Denny Crane, one of the founders of the cabinet and Alan Shore. They are all the words of the syllable, more curiously, it is not enough to find the gifler. Le Scénario et la narrative font qu’on peut les trouver touchants par moments. On the other hand, I love those who love the most of all the quarters of the day, which makes me feel the comedic aspect of my choice.

If Denny Crane incarcerated clairement the macho retrograde, sexist, republican, in all the splendor, Alan Shore is plus subtle. Certes, il court tous les jupons, généralement un à la fois. However, it is also a free lifeline for everyone, not only in the world of sexuality and love.

In certain episodes, he was able to enjoy the American pudding – which also works in France – which is indignant for a feminine token, but who doesn’t want to have sex to sell everything. He is one of the most stupid people in France. The debates of the series on the place of the man and the woman and the sexism are not without the fact that the facts of actuality in France or the United States are up to date.

This is the whole series: She toured this tour in 2004 and 2008. Having triumphed, in an episode, Denny Crane had a great phrase plus or less “and that’s what the next stage is? A comedian at the White House? »Authent vous dire qu’on a un blanc devant la scéne.

A patriotic act, des conséquences très tangibles

The series on the second term of Georges W. Bush. It is true that the series is not a political force, like The Good Fight, it is about the few subtle touches and well done. Alan Shore is going to take Denny’s defense, the car kiss is interdit vol. I don’t want to have pants in an airport, but I have to go to a hotel, I have to rent money to an FBI agent. It is on the list of sources. At the end of the episode, he says that he is not here, Denny Crane, who is more than a friend.

This example is not exactly the fact that in 2015, a sale took place at the airport, which is on the list of interludes from all over the United States, with other homonyms. Thanks to the Patriot Act, a very important event of this creation for lutter against terrorism, do not have electronic surveillance tools. Alan Shore regulates the series against the series.

The drama is that he is able to learn more about the Americans on this subject in 2004 and in 2008, since 2015, which is not possible, but he is just doing the right thing. Evidently, France and the European Union did not have the capacity to technically, financially, and humanely, the wars that took place on November 13, 2015, were not dismantled.

If you do it better, it’s like the American example of everything that doesn’t go wrong, but it doesn’t work well. Pourtant, on a commis les mêmes erreurs et on a la même dopyt qu’Alan Shore: comment revenir en arrière? Comment garantir les libertés individuelles et lutter contre le terrorisme? Contrairement à ce quens pentent certains ahuris, ce n’est pas faire de l’angelisme.


Vous l’avez peut-be lu ou entendu. Aux États-Unis, il ya un risque que l’avortement soit en passe d’être interdit dans certains États et certains groupes de pression n’attendent que cela pour requireer l’interdiction de la contraception.

In the series, Alan Shore – I don’t care what all the affairs are about Alan Shore – are retiring to defend themselves right away. Même si juridiquement, la seri peut prendre certaines libertés, les sénaristes ont soulevé un point interesting: sur les sujets sensibles, le pouvoir politique se tourne vers la Cour Suprême pour décider à leur place. Argumentation se tient de bout en bout et la encore, on est frappé par l’uktualité et la pertinence du propos.

The series to be well-known in 14 years, certain issues of the society are the latest issues: the recession and the economic crisis, the place of women and their rights, no libertés, indi etc. It’s a point to be on the side of the screenwriters and not to use a machine to manipulate the times, and to see who can pass and write in the series.

Every episode is a little bit of humor, satire and fantasy. The ensemble is open to the public in our current society. Certaines series vieillissent très mal, au point qu’au bout de cinq ans, on se dit «OK c’est un peu daté tout ça». This is not the case of Boston Justice. You can also have a little complication to find the legal deal – the DVD is the only option – it is worth the investment.

After all, all the world in a series or a real estate owner will be able to find a location that can hold a coin to coin on all coins.

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