You have the problem of the current, the City of Wines, do not make the definitive appeal to be arrested, destined to fall in love with the vigilant Jurassic and to develop notoriety, aura troiss sites. Pecauld Castle in Arbois, Haute Seille House in Chateau-Chalon and infinity, Caborde in Orbagna.

“The feasibility study has confirmed that a project different from other vignobles in applying to these three existing sites has failed. Avec des thèmes spécifiques pour chaque lieu », Indyk Jean-Charles Tiso, President of the Interprofessional Wine Committee Jura (CIVJ).

A tool to evolve

For the Raboel, in Arbois, the Pecauld castle opened a presentation of the General of the Vignoble, with scientific and gastronomic flavors. La Maison de la Haute Seille fera la promote des vins de prestiges tout en detaillant les specificities geological du Jura. Quant à la Caborde, le site sera davantage tourné vers la viticulture durable, ainsi que le patrimoine …

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