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Huit des douze candidats à l’presidentialle ont présenté, dans une emission speciale lundi soir sur la chaîne d’infos en continue LCI, leurs propositions pour les femmes.

Harmfulness, violence against women, equal balance … Presidential candidates for the present, Monday, March 7, proposals for women, in the issue of “face of the French” by LCI and the second magazine of the International Journal of Women’s Rights .

Эмануэль Макрон, tout juste candidat, a affirmé, dans une séquence enregistrée en amont pour reason d’actualité ukrainienne, que la “grande reason” de son prochain quinquennat serait “encore” l’egalité femme-homme’il, par. “beaucoup à faire”.

The President sorted the note proposed by the “triple of the montant of the sexes of the sexes”, “the doubling of the number of inquiries on the subjects of intra-family violence and women’s affairs” and the “creation of a record of the perpetrators of Conjugal violence ».

The candidate for the national team (RN), Marine Le Pen, is a vular called “les harceleurs de rue soient inscrits au fichier des delinquants sexuels”. She also has the right to “create a statute for endemic women and a free contraception for all [et] only for the 25-year-olds, as this is my favorite place for the government.

Environmentalist Yannick Jadot saw the possibility of flooding the plains in the hospitals for violet vehicles and verbalizing the advancement of ruler harvesters, plus police officers. The property of “reversing the charge of income”, in the case of income tax, is also considered to be in the business of justifying eventual income claims.

Distribution of free protection period

Some suggestions for the socialist Anne Idalgo who propose also a billion euros against violence against women, not only for the elderly, and a justice plus rapids, with social assistants in the commissariats for the accuein.

The candidate La France insoumise (LFI) Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a member of a special police force in cyberharcélement. It also looks like “transfer of references” to transport and “education of education” vis-à-vis des garçons. He also said that he offered a prime 10% for women in companies that do not respect the law of equality.

Candidate Les Républicains (LR) Valery Pecres received a free distribution of periodic remedies and taxpayers with products 2.5% of the “des biens de première nécessité”. She also saw “interdire le port du voile force for les petites filles dans la rue, sanctionné par une amende”.

Eric Zemmour, Candidate Reconquête! He also played this “essentially part of what women do not want”[ai]I’m not the only one who knows[vait] of the differences between the men and women ».

The communist Fabien Roussel will be placed in the place of the “equal” and “numbered” judicial administrators of the administration of the case of companies that refuse. “

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