Cannes 2022: The most beautiful photos of an overture ceremony in particular

Cannes 2022: Virginia Ether – Master of the 75th Edition Ceremony

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Cannes 2022: Vincent Lindane and son of the jury are recognized as the festival festival

Cannes 2022: Vincent Lindane made a discourse marking the opening ceremony

Cannes 2022: Vladimir Zelensky performs with the direct lords of the opening ceremony of the Cannes Festival

Cannes 2022: Michelle Hazanavičius Entouré des acteurs de Coupez !, the overture film

Cannes 2022: Forrest Whitaker received the Palme d’Or

Cannes 2022: Rossy de Palma presides over the Chamber of Or

Cannes 2022: Benjamin Biolay and Edgar Ramirez

“Oui, le cinéma est vivant”, the master of ceremonies of Virginia Efira.

In France, TV shows are available for a new cover Cannes Film Festivalthis year are the details here), all of them come in handy because of glamor. Belles stars foulant le tapis rouge puis montant les marches du Palais des festival pour rejoindre la grande salles dans laquelle sera projeté quelques minut plus tard Coupe!, the comedy with zombies by Michelle Hazanavičius. Adventure film, Virginia Ether to open the festivals, throwing the sequins in the public gardens with argenté goods and their petty discourses. “Oui, the cinema is alive!”at-elle clamé haut et fort avant d’accueillir Forrest Whitaker, which is a word of honor. Puis une pause musicale de Vincent Delermwhich is parvenu à faire chanter “Que je t’aime” to the spectators present in the halls, also rhythmic this ceremony.

Pourtant, ce que l’on retiendra surtout de cette ouverture, ce sont les discours forts de Vincent Lyndonall of the people who speak culture and cinema with honor Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, was invited to Russia, but he was invited by satellite to evacuate directly to the conflict. The political messages and important societies that stand out from the Cannes festival are not that of cinema, nor of superficial entertainment.

Le discours émouvant de Vincent Lyndon, President of the Jury of the Cannes Film Festival

The best of the overture ceremony to mark the history of the festival, to be discovered, to be heard Premiere.frThis is where we are present in the frame of this 75th edition.

Cannes 2022: Vladimir Zelensky attacked Putin in direct lors de la cérémonie d’ouverture

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