The development of logic is a competitive domain, and more than one of the more companies that can explore the potential of new technology, it is useful to protect the length of the advance from the beginning to conquer the types of people who they are in demand.

Of course, developers are very much in the direction of technology. Cela fait partie de leur travail, après tout. Only appetites for this or that technology are not a good indicator of technological hype.

The 2022 SlashData survey on developers does not provide an update on the current retention of logic developers in the world. In addition to the survey, there are more than 20,000 codes, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT are the technologies that attract the most developers.


A little more than one tier (34%) of the developers interrogated on declared cryptocurrencies like bitcoin – which is not surprising, because the option of numerical monks continues to grow. 16% declare activity on the project with the help of cryptocurrencies.

The potential of the NFT (non-fusible ones) does not exceed the development budget: 11% of those working on this technology, SlashData qualifies for “niche poentiellement cequillement rentable”. Near one of them (32%) of the developers interrogated on the basis of refinements of their obligations under the NFT.

From now on, 30% of developers are productive in blockchain applications as cryptocurrencies. The Internet for blockchain blockchain and cryptocurrencies is an augmentation, it is possible to blockchain blockchain option for developers to be stagnant for the last year. Selon le rapport, seulement 12% des developeurs travaillent aktuellement sur des projets blockchain, ce quri represente une augmentation de seulement 1% par rapport au rapport de SlashData pour le premier trimester 2021.

These three crypto-adjacent technologies are present in the list of additions and applications related to the most important ones, including the technology included in the report of SlashData. For every day, 30% of developers are interested in technology. The technology plus the most popular are the metaphors and the development of logical assistance to the IIA: 28% of the developers are aware of these technologies.

The report of the State of the Nation of Developers 2022 de SlashData surveys respondents on 166 payments worldwide, couvrant les communautés de developpeurs dans les domaines suivants: mobilité, bureau, IoT industrielec, grand industries, grand industrie app , automatic learning and science don.

The report does not contain information on key utilization and popularity of various programming programs, but also on the tools used by developers in their work.

The programming language is opening up more popular

JavaScript remains the most popular programming language, only the report, with 17.5 million developers in the world to use. Python restle deuxieème langage le plus largement acceptedé depuis qu’il a dépassé Java il ya deux ans, et compte désormais 15.7 mliona d’utilisateurs.

Rust, quant à lui, a presque triple de taille d’utilizateurs au cours des 24 derniers mois, passant de seulement 600 000 developpeurs au premier trimester 2020 à 2.2miona au premier trimester 2022. Golang et Ruby so importants dan developpement békęnd, more Go to know a cross plus two days plus fast the last day in absolute terms, according to SlashData.

“Rust to form a very strong community of developers who are committed to performance, memory security and security,” the report said. “After that, it was used in the IoT logic projects, but also in the AR / VR development, but also to support the logic of the base level of the AR / VR application.”

The specialties – Go, Ruby, Dart and Lua – are still very useful, with a total of 3.3 million logical development skills.

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