Certain Franchise videoscome Assassin’s Creed, Sonic you’re on encore Metal Gear Solid, are based on games designs and additional decades. A certain saga, à l’instar des Final Fantasy, accompanying the players from the last years, and always keeping the new venus of the train return on the road. Pourtant, certify ne savent pas que ces jeux ont des ancêtres, et parfois à dessein. Que ce soit pour des raisons marketing ou autres, il existe de nombreuses raisons justifiant le choix de certains studios à “cacher” les liens entre leurs jeux, et il ya donc beaucoup de jeux klasiques dont les fans ne savent peut’être pas q ils appartiennent à d’autres franchise.

1) Control and Alan Wake

Control is a development adventure game by Remedy Entertainment sorti en 2019, plongeant les joueurs dans un monde dans lequel les phenomènes paranormaux et les pouvoirs surnaturels vont de pair. And the fans of Remedy precedents are trying to simulate it Alan Wakesorti en 2010, cela est certainement intentionel, car les deux jeux se déroulent dans le même univers. Cela a été d’autant plus evident avec la sortie de l’extension FEAR, official representative of “Remedy Connected Universe”. But before this sort, it also has references to subtitles plus subtitles, with notices of references to the Bright Falls site.

2) Days Gone and Siphon Filter

To see the first two subtitles of Bend Studio pouring a lot of words from one of the others, Siphon filter is a celebrity game of infiltration of the years 90-2000, alors que The days are over It is the horror of survival that degenerates in the apocalyptic context of the United States. To do what the two players of the developer have to do, I don’t know the real thing. And pouring, in Siphon filter, the title of the game made reference to a bacteriological weapon dont the protagonists doivent empécher la libération. And in The days are overon apprend qu’une mystery pandemic mondiale to provoke a apocalypse zombie. And if you think that this is a coincidence, the developers have declared in precedent the interviews what does Siphon Filter do to provoke the apocalypse in The days are over. It is possible to find the most important human weapons in the game.

3) Bomberman and Lode Runner

Beaucoup de gens considerent le jeu Bomberman on NES from 1987 as the premier game series. In reality, he and I have two different types of games plus everything on the first personal staff, with one in 1985 and another in 1983. This is the first year that the first iteration of the personnage is ready for the first time. En effet, la fin du jeu le rattache à l’univers obsur du jeu Lode Runnersorti la même année sur Apple II. Lode Runner it is a story in the protagonist’s struggle against a robotic empire. In the manual de Bomberman on NES, on apprend que Bomberman est a robot au service d’un empire et qui cherche à s’échapper et à devenir human. In the end of the game, he will play and transform into Lode Runner, who will be the bomberman of the Bomberman games. Cela en ferait alors technically a prequelle.

4) Metal Gear and Snatcher

Hideo Kojima has developed a great number of games and is known to place and place references in a small part. And yes Metal Gear Solid est devenue l’une de ses œuvres les plus connues, Kojima a joué un role dans beaucoup d’autres. Son of adventure The kidnappersort of 1988, this retrospectively acclime as one of the best adventure games in the cyberpunk university of all times, and identify as a base for the topics that Kojima the explosions plus tard in the series Metal Gear.

5) Nier et Drakengard

Live series Drakengard et al Nier de Yoko Tarot complete the stories of the most ambitious stories in the video games. In one of the fines of Drakengard, the boss final is televised on Terre and the protagonists dovent the fight. They have an aura of the devastating consequences for the planet. The game Nier est alors un spin-off du premier Drakengard (2003) who suited the love of the game, dont the events on the ground in the land in a state of foreclosure.

Credits: Drakengard X Nier par IkaPika

6) Code Vein et God Eater

Vienna Code It is the development and editing of Bandai Namco Entertainment action role-playing gameswhich is the highest grade in 2010, and this is a qualified life of “Souls-like en version anime “. Car si tout le monde a bien vu les similitudes avec les célèbres titres de From Software à travers le gameplay, l’animation est quant à Elle directement inspirée du jeu God Eater 3. God-eater account for the history of a post-apocalyptic world or the retreat of pure creatures appealing to Aragamis. These creatures are very much in their hands Vienna Code, lorsque la brume rouge est dissipée. Plus, plus arms God-eater almost equal to the obtenues, who is not surprised, they are the ones who share the games of the development team.

7) Captain Commando and Final Fight

Type of videos beat them all open the door to the pope in the 90’s, but this time you can find out about an impressive number of people, plus a souvenir with great friends in fashion. Consequently, the script does not return to priority, nor is it irreplaceable. On peut alors se demander ce que pourrait partager deux jeux du genre tels que The final battledont le premier opus est sorti en 1989, et Captain Commandosin 1991. It is true that the two games are disguised in the city, at Metro City. On the other hand, return different references to The final battle dance Captain Commandosas the bushes of the Haggar efficiency by example.

8) Shadow of Kalas et Ico

Nombreux sont les joueurs à penser que des jeux comme Ico (2001) et al Shadow of Kalas (2005) font part of the most ambitious games and many more of the PlayStation 2. In 2011, two ICO Team ICO titles were released and were regrouped for the PS3. En effet, si les histioires des jeux sonettes à interpretítá, la fin de Shadow of Kalas debug on the events of Ico. Beaucoup pensent alors que Wander est devenu le jeune garçon cornu. The two present games are an element of simulative remarking themes, such as the sacrifice of sacrifice and the place of nature. The existence of a theory that was the third game of the ICO Team, The last guard (2016), serait également lié aux autres jeux. Car lors du remake on PS4 Shadow of Kalas in 2018, the fans are not discouraged The last guard in the game. Well, the liens are not officially confirmedif this is true, this will be the day of a trilogy in such a way.

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