Author of a remarkable course in the debut of the Champions League group stage, Montpellier will be able to surf the final premier party and be obliged to pass a barrage, you can be a master of Porto, for his sake quarters of the final of C1, the third of the six seasons.

Le MHB retrouve desormais face au club polonais de Kielce, nouveau poids lourd du hand européen i qui attire les meilleurs joueurs (Ігар Карачыч, Алекс Дуйшебаеў, Дылан Нахі, Нікаля Турна, і à venir Nedim Remilières sa desc.)

“When he is in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, he is in the season at the international level. It is the content of the revenge of this level. The technician, who is basically a historian and a newcomer to the Final 4, ”said manager Patrice Canoyer, who has clear ambitions. “On ne se bat pas pour aller au Final 4, mais pour gagner La Ligue des Champions”.

The image of this season, the team conducted by the renowned manager, with coins from 1994, was also in front of the course of Europe and domestic affairs, with a number of tips to win a title.

Valentin Porte de retour, Lenne forfait

“It simply came to our notice then. Cela m’empêche d’ailleurs de me positionner sur le rapport de force », relève-t-il.

In the Champions League of France, the Montpellier Islands, sealed in a bad phase, they are in the summer with Chambéry to save the fourth place after a reversal in Paris, the season of the season.

“When he is on board matches (Champions League quarters, NDLR), he does not regret that he will be able to play. If he is right, he is not the champion of Europe “, according to the heroic coach, in reference to the secret of 2018.

The epoch, the MHB, is one of the most popular basics plus fables (which does not exist in the new formula of the Champions League), to reach the final date of the second C1 April 2003.
“On this sort of general context to be projected into a particular moment, or to float two,” he said.

For the double confrontation in Kielce, which is the focus of the group stage with four events in a release from FC Barcelona, ​​Paris SG and Veszprem, Montpellier will be privately owned by international ailier, Yanis Lenne, actuary d’une d ‘un metatarse, operé et à l’arrêt pour deux mois.

By the way, Julien Bos has recovered after a blessing in the skies and the lack of a match in the South of France Arena.

In a rematch, Captain Valentin Porte remises a legion of arms awarded on April 21 in Paris in the final quarters of the French Cup and is back.

“The state of the team is what it is, the state of blessing is what it is, and we prefer to have it with Yanis. What you think is that you can do instant T », soufflé Canayer, said about the complexes.

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