Bentley voit grand for le Bentayga. The British brand is presenting a version of the extended SUV, which is mine to take to the computer. Interestingly, the Bentley presents the Bentayga “EWB” (for Extended Wheel Base) as the next model in its range, including the Continental GT coupe and convertible, the Flying Spur and the classic Bentayga.

Surprisingly, the brand place is a vehicle with a new fleuron, indirectly due to the Mulsanne lane. To satisfy its clients in the search for a long vehicle, Bentley will be able to choose the SUV cork that Berlin, which is not anode. Même chez les limousines, les baroudeurs veulent faire la loi!

From the model of the department store, which impresses, this Bentayga is 18 cm long. Ces centimeters en plus sont uniquement au leveau de la porte backère. Strongly, the space with jambes is royal. In the series version, le modèle offers 4 + 1 seats. In clear, the two seats are well equipped with a cot and a place in the yard.

It is possible to have a new type of seat, named Airline Seat. Celui-ci s’ucline jusqu’à 40 °. The right passenger can advance to the maximum before leaving and deploying a repository. This includes an air conditioner with additional adjustment levels, and this adjustment can be adjusted to the contact temperature and the humidity of the mesh. It is also a new postural adjustment function, which reduces the pressure points of the body, and to avoid the points of death and fatigue.

Chez Bentley, a limousine that works in an SUV

As an option, there is a 3-seat banquet, for those who have a possible modulation load, a 4-place configuration, with two accurate accents and a central console with a ranking and a USB prize. Supplementally, the Mulliner console integrates a fridge for a champagne bottle and two crystal flutes.

This Bentayga is launched with a V8 4.0 l engine at 550 hp. The maximum speed is 290 km / h, at a speed of 0 to 100 km / h – 4.6 seconds.

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