Incarnate actor Padishah Shadam IV, sovereign of world universities in Danny Villeneuve’s film.

The casting de Dune 2 before a new dimension: the legendary Christopher WalkenOscar winner in 1979 for Voyage on the Boat of Hell, and the current cardboard in the brilliant series Departmenton Apple TV +, sign up for the rest of the movie Denis Vilnev.

Christopher Walken play the role of Emperor Padishah Shaddam IV, the leader of the university and the man who initially initiated the family Atreides in Arrakis, who will declare his mother’s house (in the Part). Dans Dune: Part 2, l’empereur jouera un role encore plus important, car lui et le baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgård) vont essayer ensemble de réprimer une rébellion qui commence à se previous.

Dune 2: Danny Villeneuve confirmed his son’s intentions in three films

In the 1984 film David Lynch, who plays Jose Ferrero’s “Triple Support Film” (1992), this is the role.

La production de Dune 2 devrait être lancée durant l’été. The departure date was October 20, 2023.

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