Academics of Action and Development of the University of Delhi (DU) wrote to Yogesha Singh, Vice Chancellor (VC), requesting his intervention after the College of Arts began the process of admission to the University of Ambedcar.

The College of Arts offers graduate and postgraduate studies in fine arts.

In a statement issued on May 11, Suresh Babu, dean-student service of Ambedkar University, said that the admission process for the various programs offered by the College of Arts for the 2022-2023 training session will be carried out within Ambedkar University. , Delhi.

In a letter, 11 professors, including members of the Executive Council and the Academic Council of the State University, said that such an “unfortunate action” of the University of Ambedkar contradicts the acts and statutes of the University of Delhi. The letter alleges that the actions of Ambedkar University violate the decision of the Executive Board, which duly rejected the expulsion of the College of Arts from the University of Delhi. “It should be noted that the lieutenant-governor has ruled that any such move to the merger should be expelled from the University of the Arts in Delhi,” the letter said.

This comes amid a long clash between the University of Delhi and the Delhi government over the affiliation of the College of Art. Last March, the Delhi government announced that the College of Arts would be attached to the University of Ambedcar because the college faced various challenges.

Ambedkar University is funded by the Government of Delhi.

At the last training session at the College of Arts, admission could not take place due to affiliation.

DU Academic Council member Alok Pandei said that a meeting was recently held at the University of Ambedkar, at which it was announced that admission to the College of Arts will begin within the University of Ambedkar.

DU VC Yogesh Singh said his university has asked the College of Arts to host admissions to the University of Delhi. “I don’t know about that (enrolling in college at Ambedkar University). But we asked the College of Arts to host it as part of the University of Delhi. We are waiting, ”he said.

The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) has called on the Delhi government not to change or stop the College of Arts in the name of merging or transferring it to Ambedkar University and to revoke all its previous orders as well as the latest admission notice from 11 May.

In April, DU asked the College of Arts to begin the admission process and informed the institute that it would not be leaving the university. Earlier, the lieutenant-governor’s office gave its approval in principle for the merger of the College of Arts with Ambedkar University, subject to its disconnection from the State University.

However, the Executive Board of the University of Delhi, which is its highest decision-making body, refused to shut down the college.

With inputs from PTI.

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