Just 600,000 voyages per second care in France due to the mileage on the mileage computer. About 10% of vehicles are sold on the second market. It’s huge. A veritable flea, which represents the cents of millions of euros, which raises in the hands of malicious vendors.

With 15% of the accusers, they have a study less than Obvy (a company for the securitization of private premises), and they are confronted with an arcaque of lords of an achat d’accasion. It is only a mile away, but it is running.

For the malicious hunter, one of those who can still be found, this is a cold shower. He retreated with a car at the mileage, plus he said that he was announcing this, and that he would be forced to die. Returning against the seller is possible, but complicated, and long.

It was better, obviously, to arrive at the end of the whole year, before the water. But just, what are the points for repairing a computer case? Est-ce invisible? You can easily do it. You have some kind of sound, to avoid the loop.

Physical moons

A car is used at the same time as the kilometers. It’s logical. Passing the 100,000 on the computer, he found that the pedals are fast, the steering wheel is patina, the carpet is only a few, exemplary. The fake donc s’assurer de la cohérence entre tout cela. If a car is 80,000 km away, the pedal couches are all metal, or the steering wheel can be used as a billiard table, or an angel or a rock. It is characterized by more than 200,000 km. On the contrary, for the least mileage, the pedal shoes are still in good condition, or in the morning. The auront remarks are made to cover the mileage.

Sous le capot, on peut observer les labels de vidange, si elles sont restées en place, pour s’assurer que le dernier mileétrage indiké n’est pas supierieur, bizarrement, à celui de l’auto. Pay for the distribution of the distribution box. There is a label on the cell carcass, there are also indications that it can be repaired (a date specified in the white marker, this is current), this is the car of the mileage of the country ( sauf si l’échéance temps a été atteinte, renseignez-vous).

Electronic goods

Comment détecter une case au compteur trafiqué?

Certaines auto, comme chez BMW par exemple, gardent des kilometriques dans la mémoire descalurs de l’auto, mais aussi parfois dans la clé de contact. In order to be a concessionaire of the brand, it is possible to provide a lecture on key information, or to pass a diagnostic checklist (attention, this is payable), and you can find the information on these modifications. Ce n’est malheureusement pas toujours le cas, somes malfrats font bien les choses et modifient les valeurs partout, quand ce ne sont pas les autos elles-mêmes que ne retiennent pas en méimoire les modifications. Ces dernières peuvent donc s’avérer invisibles …

Les factures and CT

Comment détecter une case au compteur trafiqué?

Normally, an arnaceous sojneux évitera this school. Mais un étourdi pourra laisser, dans la pile de invoures transmission à l’achat, une qui mentionne un kilometrage incohérent. Here is the newsletter! Don’t forget to use all the facts, but the control methods. If a mileage is indicated, the mileage of the computer is high.

To mention the facts (without mileage for example), mention the remnant of an embryo, a boat, a turbo, shock absorbers, etc. Alors qu’elle est censée n’avoir que 000 km, il faut se méfier. Car en moyenne, these operations are realized for miles plus eleves, it requires requisitions of explanations.

It is also possible to contact the concessions that affect the operation of the car (coordinated on the facts). Certaines ont accès à l’historique d’entretien, et pourront vous donner les mileetrages des dernières revizi reu opa i reparations.

Administrative checks

Comment détecter une case au compteur trafiqué?

In order to report “Histovec” to the seller (we have previously submitted this article), you have to add to the number of previous owners, and to the relevant mileage reports of the controls of the technical control sites, expert sites, expert reviews experts announcements, for example. It’s simple and fast with the information presented on the gray card. It is also about releasing incoherences in the mileage course. Well done, the vendor is obsessed with this demand, this is what he chose to do.

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