On the 12th and 19th of June, the French inscriptions on the electoral lists were submitted to the polls for the election of the deputies of the National Assembly. My mobilizing skills that the presidential election is beyond the French, this electoral power is determined by the determinant of life. Six keys for more apprentices.

In addition to the presidential election, it is possible that the spirits turn to the legitimacy selections. Depuis la mise en place du quinquennat sous le president Jacques Chirac, ce scrutin se déroule tous les cinq ans dans la foulée de l’édé presidentielle. Comment se déroule-t-il? What are some of the parliamentary groups? Comment la cohabitation peut-elle en découler? France 24 you will come up with some elements to respond to my most important electoral turn.

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The legislators are always 577 members of the National Assembly. These are those who voted for the loin du prochain quinquennat, ou ne les voteront pas. To the title of example, lors de la XVis Legislation that died on June 2017, with 354 votes on these votes (signed on February 28, 2022 during the election period, the National Assembly was working on all of them). The deputies also played a role in controlling the government’s action. Ils peuvent interroger les ministres, par écrit ou à l’oral, les mardis et mercredis, sur l’actualité locale de leur circonscription ou sur la national politics. The deputies are very likely to require the oversight of an Inquiry Commission to approve a file. In addition, the inquiries of parliamentarians are also open after the affair of Ehpad Orpea or the goal of the aggression against Ivan Colonna in prison.

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The name of the deputies did not pass this month. The rules have changed in the matter of the creation of Vis Republic, in 1958. Leur nombre varie au gré de l’evolution démografique. The electoral discovery applied to the legal elections, issued on February 23, 2010, reported on the sessions of the population, as well as appeals to the conscripts. One tranche corresponds to 125,000 residents. La France has a report of 566 circulars, including those that have been used since 2012.

Aujourd’hui, il samble que ce découpage ne soit plus forcément en phase avec les mouvements de population: le nombre de députés dans les départements qui ont perdu des habitants n’a jamais été réduit. For the first time in the campaign, in 2017, Emmanuel Macron opened the deadline to reduce the number of deputies and senators, noting the reduction of the state of affairs, and 20% of the proportions. . In July 2018, a proposal of the law on the reform of the institutes presented to the Parliament, but the examination of this text was presented by Crises Successives – Benalla affair, Gilets jaunes, Crise Covid-19 jama – n. In the 2022 program, Emanuel Macron is not a fact plus a hint of this proposal.

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The deputies are in the forefront of direct suffrage, this is all about the French major inscriptions on the electoral lists. Legislative selections are available at the end of the circus, and a major scrutiny of two tours, as well as one of the candidates, is the first tour, the majority of excuses are expressed and 25% of excuses are expressed and 25% are televised. read lists. A trial that remains rare: only one of the deputies is on this stage of the first tour in 2017.

To be maintained in the second round, the candidates doveten to have the voices of less than 12.5% ​​of the selected votes. If a candidate has received a certificate, the candidate who has received, after him, plus a large number of questions in the first round of the tour can be maintained in the second round. If you are a candidate, you will not be able to do so, but you will find the two candidates who have received more than one grand number of questions in the first round of tours that are open to the second round.

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To be a candidate for legal elections, he was in French and at least 18 years old. Mais ces deux conditions are not enough. The persons under the name of one of the most difficult pronounces by a tribunal do not have to be present. Some high-ranking officials (prefects, magistrates, prefects) do not care about a deputy in the department or at the expense of their functions, for a long time from three years ago. The people who have received their tutors are not without the habilités of the candidates. Enfin, depuis les elections de 2017, les deputés n’ont plus le droit de cumuler leur mandat avec une autre fonction lolele telle que maire, president and vice-president of the region, of the department or of intercommunality. Ils ont droit d’être candidat, mais après leur elektion, ils devront choisir quel mandat ils conservative.

It is not necessary to have geographical attacks in a circus for presenting it. There is no more or no domicile. “The deputies are investing in a national mandate. I want to be in a circus, representing the nation of all entière”, rappelle-t-on on the site of the National Assembly. Raison pour laquelle on parle parfois de “candidat parachuté”, quand absolument aucune atache locale ne les lie à la circonscription dans laquelle ils se présentent.

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If the parties present their current treaties for possible alliances, they may submit the declarations of candidacies for the term of office of the deputy on May 16 and in addition to the tard jusqu’au on May 20 at 6 p.m. For the second round, the nomination of candidates is possible on June 13 and 14.

The campaign will take place on May 30 for the Premier Tour. The campaign advertisements are dedicated to the special place reservations in the municipality. The official campaign is a radio station on television and television for the candidates present.

Three days after the second tour, the new National Assembly in between, so Mercredi June 22 for XVIis the legislature. On the 28th of June, the President of the Bourbon Palace was in secret from the tribune. The political groups that follow the chemical are also announcing the last day. Enfin, la composed des huit Commissions permanentes, chargées d’examiner une question particularière relevant de leur competence, s’opérera le lendemain, mercredi 29 juin.

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Every time you decide to join a political group of your choice. He has 15 deputies (against 20 April 2009) to constitute a parliamentary group. In general, the adherence to the political policy of the state, but the existence of groups assembled by the parliamentarians of the higher parties and the name of the elite is not necessary to constitute a group.

L’enjeu de l’appartenance à un groupe est double: il est politique et financier. Have a group to organize for the debate and assembly of the assembly. In particular, the beneficiary groups in addition to the timing of the slogan of the questions to the government, they also decided to demand a suspension of the session or vote in public scrutiny. On the patronage plan, the Assembly reserve for parliamentary groups an envelope to cover their expenses and benefit from material facilities, as well as at the disposal of bureaux and offices. Plus, they are also close to being able to hire collaborators.

In the group, the great parts of the church are dedicated to the presence of other members of the National Assembly. The account has a minimum of 185 deputies for requiring a place in a referendum on a party initiative. The proposal makes it possible to sign the signature of more than 4 million voters for a referendum organized. And to meet the Constitutional Council on the conformity of one lou, he will have to pay a sum of 60 deputies for formation. Enfin, si 58 deputies signent une motion de assure, un debate s’amorce et un vote a ensuite lieu.

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On the verge of cohabitation of the lords that the president is not a member of the political board that is his minister. This situation can be presented in the fabric of legal elections, but the chemical is dominated by a different policy tendency of the presidential party. This conjuncture is the product of three reprises under Vis Republic. Two years before the residence of François Mitterrand (Socialist Party), with Jacques Chirac (Rassemblement pour la République) from 1986 to 1988, from 1993 to 1995 by Édouard Balladur (Ruar Baladur). The last cohabitation was renovated in 1997 and July 2002, Lorsque Lionel Jospin (PS) was the Prime Minister of Jacques Chirac.

In this case, the president is a contractor of a designer and a prime minister issuing the new parliamentary majority. Le chef de l’État et le chef du governement doivent alors “coexister” pour diriger la nation. This situation is unfavorable to the President of the Republic, who is able to support the internal decisions of the country. The affair of the interior of the Prime Minister and the majority in the Assembly, the ability to voter des lois. The party is part of its prerogatives with its Prime Minister. The head of the State does not agree to be against the Prime Minister in resignation. In revenge, he was able to dissolve the National Assembly, following the organization of a new scrutiny. La cohabitation permet l’alternance sans déclencher une crise politique ou institutionalnelle, mais cette configuration peut entraver l’action politique. The cohabitation was held in 1997 to 2000 by Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin, who was in conflict with the two men, blocking the projects of financial and financial financing.