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The Court of Appeal of Paris confirmed, noted, and passed the exam of the Lafarge Cement Group for the “Complicity of Crimes Against Humanity” following its activities in 2014 in Syria, according to the AFP of dossier sources.

The Court of Appeal of Paris was confirmed on May 18, and the mass in the exam for “complicity of crimes against humanity” of the French Lafarge group for the activities in Syria in July 2014, with the precision of conformity to this annulment Court of Cassation. The group announced that everyone would have recourses against this Confirmation on appeal.

Lafarge, which is a fusion with Switzerland’s Holcim in 2015, is based on the fact that 13 million Euros of the Armenian groups, the Islamic State (EI) group, have been active in the United States since last year. de la Syrie, in 2013 and 2014.

The Court of Appeal of Paris has disabled in 2019 the charge of “complicity of Crimes against humanity” l’EI.

Mais cette décision avait été annulée september 2021 par la Cour de cassation, qui avait fait valoir qu’on “peut être complice de Crimes contre l’humanité même si l’on n’a pas l’associer de s’la” Commission de ces Crimes “, et demandé à la cour d’appel de se prononcer à nouveau sur la mise en examen.

“Lorsque des Crimes graves sont commis, ce ne sont pas seulement les conductors politici et militaires dont la responsabilité doit être élucidée mais aussi les acteurs economic,” announced Claire Tixeire, avocate europe constitunel les Center i militaires l’ience de l’issue de l’issue de l’issue de l’issue de l’issue de l’issue de l’issue de l’iscone to the press, in resuscitating the “victorious”.

“This is the first time in the world when a company has been involved in an exam of a crime. This is also the first time in the world when this house is more than an exam for activities to be traversed. at the branch. The point of view of multinational responsibility is very important “, at-elle ajouté.

Avec AFP and Reuters

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