“Cette mesure s’avère necessaire pour garantir la surveillance et l’individualisation d’éventuals variants du virus afin de proteger la populace italienne,” Minister Orazio Schillaci reasoned in a communique.

“Surveillance and prevention, through sequencing, are fundamental to identify potential new variants at the right time that may raise concerns and are not circulating in Italy,” the ministry said, indicating that the Italy’s minister is “in contact (…) with the competent authorities of the other states members of the EU to define common strategies.”

Earlier in the day, the region of Lombardy, where Malpensa International Airport is located, had already decided to “soumettre à un molecular test (…) all travelers and crew members from China” .

Lombardy was the first to be confined in Europe in 2020 to end the Covid pandemic. Cœur économique de la péninsule ayant Milan pour capitale, Elle est encore traumatisée par le Choc de la première vague meurtrière de la pandemicie.

The brutal end of this month of the “zero Covid” policy in China has raised the concern of several countries, including the United States, which envisage entry restrictions for Chinese travelers, while China faces à la plus importante vague de contaminations au Monde, amplifiée par l’apparition de nouveaux variants.

Japon va d’ailleurs reestablish à partir de vendredi the mandatory PCR tests for travelers originating from mainland China.

The island of Taiwan, which China claims to be part of its territory, has also announced that it will carry out virus checks on travelers from the continent.