Magazine Dans un entretien au Kors-Matin, the Minister of Interior Gérald Darmanin assures that the government is “ready to go to the autonomy” of the Corsica. Il annonce qu’il va anganger une “discussion without a previous author de la institutional question”. But for the sake of it, Emmanuel Macron is a real thing. The process is “logically engaged in the second term of office of the President of the Republic”, the Minister declares.

After two weeks of great tension and violence on the island, the Minister of the Interior announced a visit to the Corsican, for mercredi and jeudi, assurant vouloir “open” a “cycle of discussions” on the avenue of ‘island. This dialogue is a visit to the Corse depuis l’agression violente d’Yvan Colonna le 2 mars, dans la prison d’Arles (dans les Bouches-du-Rhône) où il purgeait une peine de prison à perpetuity pour sa udzelam ‘assassinat of the prefect Erignac in 1998 in Ajaccio.

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