The American cinema is in the habit of treating a humane or military man, for the sake of making a victory. But what you can do with it and the uncertainty of a movie like that Apollo 13just curiously about every day Equestrian soldiers. It is a question of two members of the special ambassadors, some weeks after the attack against the rest of the world trade since 2001, the most important people in the field of aviation in the United States, who will be able to support the Taliban aérens aérens.

This is a movie to watch with a disgraceful insistence into all possible clichés and imaginables, with a serious papal. The masculine accompaniment in the song (see the symbolic import for the character of Chris Hemsworth to sublime the warrior who sommeille en lui), to characterize the animal-diabolical character of the ennemi, without choosing the punchlines reb. du canon, absolutely all and pass.

Chris Hemsworth

A form of ideological and narrative power the most exciting thing is that the film is based on an episode that does not lack pertinence. In effect, this unit, the obligation to collaborate with the troupes of the Afghans, illustrates the importance of the strategic strategies of the West and Iraq, and the occupation of the aura is preferable to the alliance. More buoys that address the bookmark that will continue the events in Equestrian soldiersthe director Nicolai Fuglsig is at the top of the list on the armies of the American heroes, and will be able to understand the discourses of the ensemble.

Photo by Chris HemsworthL’Amérique vs les sauvages


If the film is echoed to the point of indulgence in neo-con en mal mal mythological recitation, it can be a good use of casting. Exclusion made by Michael Peña who has the opportunity to reclaim the creature pot that he offers to offer Noel, tout le monde est parfaitement à l’aise avec la partition du film de guerre à l’ancienne.

Photo by Michael ShannonMichael Shannon

This is not only the case of Chris Hemsworth, dont have a news about the Hollywood appellation, and suffers from the pressure of her parents to help her parents with The Cavaliers de John Ford, Auquel Equestrian soldiers aimerait bien faire de l’œil – le titre français est d’ailleurs un hommage appuyé puisque The Cavaliers s’appelle Equestrian soldiers be VO. Son charisme, sa force tranquille et l’aura qu’il insuffle à ses hommes, Michael Shannon en tête, confèrent à l’ensemble un definite retro charm.

Quantity of action scenes, a lack of ability to play illegally, more Nicolai Fuglsig parvient néanmoins, notamment lors de la dernière partie du film, à donner à l’ensemble some beautiful warriors and dramas. The whole fleur bon cordite, the shrapnel volent, les corps fument et les chevaux hennissent, nou renvoyant aux heures de gloire d’un genre tombé en désuétude ces dernières années. The nostalgic apprentices.

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