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Romance of talent, Agatha Christie is a reference to police literature, dont open the adaptations of the designs of 1928 to our journals in all formats and to all media. The iteration of the most recent, and who prefers to choose, is indigestion Death on the Nile de Kenneth Branagh. Ainsi, voir une nouvelle adaptacija d’un roman de la reine du genre policier peut faire fuir comme l’arrivée du dernier Marvel. saturated, Why not Evans? he is a Christie who is ordinary in addition to being a novelty very adapted, bringing a new vent to the opening of a unique study.

“It’s all about you.”

Prenant place au lands de Galles, l’intrigue pose d’abord le cadre d’une bourgade paisible, alors qu’un homme meurt en chutant d’une falaise, ne lâchant comme ultime parole que le titre de la serie. Ainsi debute une enquête qui nous balade entre la campagne anglaise, Londres et des villas bourgeoises. Loin de l’enfermement que l’on peut connaître des oeuvres les plus celebrés de l’autrice anglaise, Why not Evans? profit from magnified beaches, galloping courses, infusions and infiltration courses. The series before the form of ‘an adventure thriller plus one simple survey in fashion whodunit. And he is one of those who profit: Hugh Laurie, the director of the integrity of a series for the first time.

For the old Dr House, the novelty Why didn’t they ask Evans? it’s a pain to be heard at the stage. The series of melodies of sitters and decors of variations, in the 20s that require costumes and voyages of old, this is the bar in which Laurie can be seen as a savoir-faire. You are the series does not reverse the codes of polar concrete in a scholarly realization, respecting the origin of the original an adaptation fidèle à la reconstitution historique minutieuse. The moments of tension are masterful, rejuvenating parfois of the classic plans of many policemen films and a crane in the crane to the lame surgissant with a clear moon.

Why not Evans?  : photo, Will PoulterJamais sans son beret

fatal countries

Lorsque ce type inconnu de tous meurt, il n’y a que Bobby Jones (Will Poulter) pour entender ses dernières paroles et mener une enquête que la police local a très vite classée. My postulate is exciting, it is the tandem of amateur inquirers who do not want to rest on the screen. Car Seoul, Bobby is a barbant, he has a good life and a very good voice, but he prefers the color of a great accomplishment of his binôme. Frankie (Lucy Boynton) is a young bourgeois electrician who is out of the adventure. A character of modern writing sous la plume de Agatha Christie that Hugh Laurie did not change. The two detectives of the smoke are complete and will be on the screen.

Why not Evans?  : photo, Lucy Boynton, Will Polter“P’tit Cluedo?”

The alchemy that anime the duo porte la serie and us la fait aimer. They are cherished, chantilly and the little napkin in the soybean that is with the gate of this adaptation that makes it impossible to believe Melon hat and heart boots. This palpable friend between Bobby and Frankie is The result of a complication of the game between Will Poulter and Lucy Boynton that is the exploiter to merve Hugh Laurie. Ce duo d’une tête brûlée et d’un razborit est mis en scéne comme a bromance plus a real love of potentialexcite the moments of malaise that he can pay for this type of team.

To test the two fans of Murder Party, Why not Evans? this is a jalonnée of elements dignes d’un buddy film. Dans les petites pics d’amour vache (avec un humor à froid anglais évidemment), un travail d’équipe fruit de competences qui se complete and des persnages aux antipodes, mais inséparables, Bobby et Frankie ont tou duo de flics complices. A comrade-in-arms in the openness of the incarnate pleinment in a foul insolent digne of the police officers of The Fatal Army. Without it, the resolution of the affair will continue to be more than just what it is.

Why not Evans?  : photo, Lucy Boynton, Will PolterVice of Wales

it’s good when it’s court

Aussi palpitant and mystery who is the inquisition of Bobby and Frankie, before the beginning of the debut he will be able to pass an introduction to the quasi-two episodes testant the patience of the spectator. The carcass at the time of decomposing the long exposure of Bobby and his refusion of the adventure of the adventure ahead of the place in the series. The two camels of Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Laurie Louis-Méme did not agree to avoid a certain certainty of lassitude.

Possessing an enigmatic historian who called for answers, and more questions, Why not Evans? we force to visit that which prefers to land on of the chronophage scenes that accounted for. Durant la moitié de la seri, on n’en apprend quasiment pas plus que le nom de la facte. Two episodes are very close to Frankie’s motives to motivate Bobby to solve the mystery with him, who is long over the place of inquiry and the lack of a series of series.

Why not Evans?  : photo, Lucy BoyntonAn insistent woman

It is very difficult to feel a little emergency, I want to be a part of the duo of heroes, a person who does not want to learn more about crime. It’s simple, it’s all over the world. Avec ça, l’enquête qui suit n’est parsemée que de quelques scénes d’actions assez espacées. The suspense subit donc a rhythm also piquant qu’une scie edentée traduisant mal d’un real danger for the characters. The good mechanics for keeping a tension stranger, as Bobby’s nocturnal nightmares and a man in a dark night, most of these ideas are too artificial or unexploited.

Alors qu’on s’ennuie presque devant la seri, on se demande si elle n’aurait pas été méux réussie en film. In a format plus a court, Why not Evans? aurait gagné en énergie, without self-sacrifice in the story. D’autant que cela aurait attenué une conclusion incroyablement expédiéeMore in comparison to the four episodes of advancement on the genus.

Why not Evans? is available on MyCanal since May 2, 2022.

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