The first training delivered within the framework of the Center for the development of cyber capacities in the Western Balkans (C3BO) in Podgorica, in Montenegro was opened on May 8 by the Montenegrin Prime Minister M. Dritan Abazović, the Minister of Public Administration and de la transformation numérique M. Maras Dukaj, l’ambassadeur de France au Monténégro et l’ambassadeur de Slovenie au Monténégro.

In the face of a growing cyber threat, this formation responds to the need to strengthen the human resource skills of the administrations of the six C3BO beneficiary countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia). Durant cette première session qui s’est tenue du 8 au 12 mai, 16 participants ont été entrainés à délivrer des formations à l’hygiene numérique. Cette réunion a également permis d’avancer sur l’établissement d’une organization internationale pour conférer au C3BO une structure juridique perenne.

In the coming months, the activities of the C3BO will increase in power with an installation in the Parc des Sciences et de la Technologie du Montenegro planned for the end of the year 2023. The center is positioned as a platform for the activities of reinforcement capacitaire cyber dans la région, en faveur du rapprochement européen des Balkans occidentaux.

Fruit of a French initiative of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs conducted in partnership with the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this pole of excellence has a mission, outre la training des opérateurs et des experts de toute la région, de strengthen the operational and institutional response capabilities of the Administrations of the Western Balkans in the face of cyber threats and attacks.