The premiere trailer for the series “Supernatural”.

This is a voice that will make the old fans of Supernatural. Jensen Eccles, former show star, new prequel series, Winchester and also on the band, which will be available online in the CW:

It’s a spin-off, Dean tells a commentary for his parents – scenery from Drake Roger and Meg Donnelly (representing the roles of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith in the original series) – in the original.

In the detail, John, the vingtaine, “rent to be after the battle in Vietnam and make a mysterious discovery, which will reveal a new mission to retrace the path of his son … In the course of his voyage, he will cruise the route of Mary from a 19-hour trip, which will be the same. the answers after the disparity of their own. Ensemble, the two associates in the young chauffeur in the formation of Latika (Nida Khurshid) and in the chassis of the contracted Carlos (Jonathan “Jojo” Fleites) to discover the truths of the caches of the families of the two families “.

New series Winchester sera diffusee durant la saison 2022-2023 aux USA.

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